1. The power of “yet”

What you SHOULDN’T say when you’re learning something new: “I can’t”

What you SHOULD say: “I can’t yet”

Every pro was once a beginner. Just because you find something hard now, doesn’t mean it will be impossible for you to achieve.

2. Write down a goals list

Know some killer tricks you want to nail? Write them down, highlight them in your favourite colour, add glitter. Now underneath those larger goals set smaller intermediate goals that are achievable in a shorter time frame. For example:

GOAL: Aerial Straddles

Intermediate Goal 1: Invert from the ground

Intermediate Goal 2: Straddle from the ground

Intermediate Goal 3: Straight legged straddles, dead lifted straddles etc.

Put this goal list somewhere you will see it every single day. The back of your door? The wallpaper of your phone? In your diary? Take it to training. Remind yourself of what you want and tick off those goals!

P.S. If straddles ARE your goal, Kristy Sellars’ Incredible Invert Challenge is free and available on YouTube. Check it out!

3. Reward yourself when you achieve those goals

Recognising your achievements is a huge part of staying motivated. Take pride in yourself and say “hell yeah! I did that!”. Another great idea is writing down how awesome you feel after a good training session or after smashing a goal. It may sound weird at first, but on a bad day you can read those words and remind yourself what you’re working for. Also, treat yourself! Relax with a new book, enjoy that spa day, buy those new pleasers you’ve been dreaming of… whatever works for you!

4. Ask for help and advice

Asking for help can do wonders. Self-motivation is great, but some people may need that extra push from someone else. Maybe book a private with your teacher and learn some new training techniques? Be willing to make changes to your goal list if you need to. Being open to new ideas and methods can be the difference between stalemate and progress.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

It’s okay to not feel 140% enthusiastic and motivated all the time. Life happens. But what is important is that you get back up and keep going. If you’re really struggling with those new tricks, go back and do a trick you love. One that makes you feel strong and powerful, because that’s what you are!

Happy training! Em xx

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