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About Us!

Our Story

Welcome to PhysiPole Studios!
I’m Kristy Sellars, founder of PhysiPole Studios and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you the story of how it all began! I’ve always loved to dance, and when I was 16 I decided I wanted to train full-time and complete a Diploma in Performing Arts in Melbourne, rather than VCE at my high school in home town Warrnambool. Fast forward a few years and after working Hollywood performing in commercial/live and music video type of dance jobs I was looking to add some more aerial type skills to my resume when I got back to Australia. (By then I was also teaching dance full-time in styles like hip hop and lyrical.) Pole dancing at the time was relatively new in terms of a fitness/dance class. But I managed to find a very small studio (and when I say small, I mean it was one girl teaching out of her garage with 2 poles), but none the less I went and was excited to learn some of the cool things I’d seen in pictures online (2007). In my first lesson I was taught a move that we now teach to level 3s…. I was in so much pain, but I loved it and went back again the next week. I continued to become addicted and soon purchased a pole for myself at home and started exploring other studios around Melbourne.

I often made the trip back to see my family in Warrnambool, and about 2 years into my own pole journey (2009) I was driving back on one of these trips and thought to myself ‘there’s nothing like this offered here, I teach dance already and I think my old karate instructor would hire out his space to me on the weekends! Let’s see how it goes!’

And so it began. Every Friday I’d drive from Melbourne to Warrnambool and along with my dad, brother and sister, we would transform the ‘karate dojo’ and set up 8 X-stages (if you’ve ever set up even one Xstage you’ll know that setting up and packing down 8 every week took a lot of commitment!). But the classes were going well and eventually we outgrew that space and I looked for a permanent location. Soon after that, I also opened the Ballarat studio where things really started to take off and I began getting interest for franchising.

Over 10 years later, a little girl who is now 7 and two boys aged 1 & 2, 15 international tours teaching and competing, and chasing my own goals and passion for being on the world stage has helped to shape PhysiPole in a truly unique way…

…I still remember setting up those stages every week, and feel even more committed to this brand if that’s possible. I am so fortunate to have an incredible team of franchisees surrounding me that bring their own ideas to the table and make this PhysiFamily even bigger and better than anything I could have ever imagined.

With over 2000 active students in our community and 19 locations across Australia, the PhysiPole family is continually growing. Drop in to your nearest PhysiPole Studio and see why pole fitness is really for every body!

Our Studios

Our studio locations include:
Warrnambool VIC – Est. June 2009 (current location from March 2014)
Ballarat VIC – Est. May 2010 (current location from January 2020)
Albury NSW – Est. August 2015
Carlton VIC – Est. August 2015
Hervey Bay QLD – Est. August 2015
Werribee VIC – Est. January 2016
Traralgon VIC – Est. March 2016 (current location from December 2019)
Rockhampton QLD – Est. January 2017
Gladstone QLD – Est. March 2017
Yarraville VIC – Est. April 2018
Grovedale VIC – Est. June 2018
Fairfield VIC – Est. July 2018
Salisbury QLD – Est. August 2018
Pakenham VIC – Est. October 2018
Canberra ACT – Est. January 2019
Somerton Park SA – Est. January 2019
Sunshine Coast QLD – Est. April 2019
Sale VIC – Est. August 2023
Knox VIC – Est.  August 2023

Our Awards

Our instructors are internationally accredited pole fitness instructors and have won many titles including:
Australia’s Got Talent 2019 – WINNER Kristy Sellars
AAPC Pole Performer – Amateur WINNER Lauren Jebramek-Miller (Ballarat)
Australian Pole Championships 2019 – People’s Choice Finalist Celestee (Traralgon)
Dance Filthy Amateur 2019 – WINNER Bethany Tyler (Werribee)
Miss Lyra Australia 2019 – South Australia – Semi-Pro WINNER Jem Dyer (Warrnambool & Somerton Park)
Miss Lyra Australia 2019 – South Australia – Advanced 1st Runner Up – Nicole Walker (Somerton Park)
Pole Theatre Sydney 2019 – ART & OVERALL CHAMPION Lauren Jebramek-Miller (Ballarat)
La Folie Aerial Tissu 2019 – Advanced WINNER Celestee (Traralgon)
La Folie Aerial Tissu 2019 – Intermediate 1st Runner Up – Rachael Peter (Traralgon)
Hardcore Pole Dancing Championships 2019 – Amateur WINNER Bethany Tyler (Werribee)
Hardcore Pole Dancing Championships 2019 – Semi-Pro 1st Runner Up – Danielle Leach (Werribee & Yarraville)
Miss Lyra Australia 2019 – Queensland – Amateur WINNER Erin Lewis (Rockhampton)
Miss Lyra Australia 2019 – Victoria – Doubles 2nd Runner Up – Lauren & Erika (Ballarat)
Victorian Pole Championship 2018 – WINNER Celestee (Traralgon)
Vortex 2017 – 1st Runner Up – Celestee (Traralgon)
Miss Lyra Australia 2017 – 2nd Runner Up – Celestee (Traralgon)
Regionals Pole Artistry Championships 2017 – 1st Runner Up Celestee (Traralgon)
Miss Lyra Victorian Heats 2017 – WINNER Celestee (Traralgon)
Survivor 2017 – Semi-Pro 2nd Runner Up Danielle Leach (Werribee & Yarraville)
Pole Theatre World 2016 – DRAMA CHAMPION Kristy Sellars
Pole Theatre Sydney 2016 – DRAMA & OVERALL CHAMPION Kristy Sellars
Regionals Pole Artistry Championships 2016 – WINNER Talanna Em (Grovedale & Ballarat)
Double Vision Pole Championships 2016 – WINNER Narelle & Charlie
International Pole Championships 2015 – Pole Art Champion WINNER Kristy Sellars
Regionals Pole Artistry Championships 2015 – DOUBLES WINNER – Narelle & Charlie
IPDFA- Performer of The Year 2015 – WINNER Kristy Sellars
Pole Games Studio Competition 2014 – 1st and 3rd Places
Pole All Stars National Competition 2014 – 2nd Runner Up Kristy Sellars
VPC 2013 – 2nd Runner Up Danielle Leach (Ballarat)
VPC 2013 – Doubles 2nd Runner Up Jenny & Danielle (Melton & Ballarat)
Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2012/13 – WINNER Kristy Sellars (Ballarat)
MPDV Doubles 2012/13 – CHAMPS Jenny & Danielle (Melton & Ballarat)
Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2010 – 2nd Runner Up Kristy Sellars (Ballarat)