Tuesday Tips – Avoiding Burnout with Che

🗣 Tuesday Tips with Che

Name: Che

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Hervey Bay

Time Instructing: Four months

Expertise: Still finding my strengths – I’ll get back to you!

Favourite Trick: Knee hold


How to Avoid Burnout

In the leadup to Ignite, or any competition for that manner, it is easy to feel overwhelmed! We all love PhysiPole and our chosen apparatus, but going too hard training, too often, can put a damper on your whole experience. This is called burn out, and it can be mental, physical, or both.

How can we best avoid burnout?

Firstly, your body and mind need rest days. Although the urge is there to train 24/7, if we push ourselves too much, too often, we become more prone to injury. Take breaks! It would be horrible to be injured right before your comp.

Secondly, keep it fun! Remember why you love pole/aerials. What elements are the most fun for you? Do you love exercising your flexibility? Book in for a stretch class! Do you wish you’d prioritised getting to last week’s super-fun dance class? Reward yourself for your hard work, and book into it for this week!

Happy training and remember to always do what you love.

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