Pole Dancing has completely changed my life for the better – Hannah Lind

Hannah was inspired to try pole dancing after watching Julianne Hough in ‘Rock of Ages’. She was such a talented dancer and looked so strong. Pole dancing looked like a lot of fun and it was a great match for her love of music. Hannah wanted to mention some important people in her pole journey: her first pole mum, Emma Dunn at Traralgon Studio, her first teacher when she moved to Ballarat, Ash Webb who she said helped her so much with routines and tricks and her current instructor Mollie Buckley who Hannah said is strong and talented, she looks up to her so much and can only hope to be half as great as her one day.

She started pole in February 2017 but fractured her foot two weeks later at work and had to wait until May 2017 to start again. Her favourite class is her level nine static class because she loves the pain and challenge of learning a new trick and feeling accomplished after nailing a hard move. Her favourite things about pole fitness are the mental health benefits and increase in confidence. After dealing with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder pole was a great coping tool and helped her to see herself in a different light. She’s a completely different person, confident, strong and happy all because of pole. The friendships she’s made are amazing, Hannah says that her physifam are the best and very encouraging.

The most significant benefit in her life has been the passion that she has found through pole. Before pole, Hannah felt lost, she had no passion, no goals and felt as though she wasn’t going anywhere but she now knows what she wants to do for the rest of the life and she loves how hard she works. She loves the people, the strength and self-esteem I has gained.

Hannah now feels like she belongs and is surrounded by a great group of people which is one of the many benefits of the pole life.

Written by Shania Barrett

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