Believe it or not, it’s already June. Winter is here, the year is already half over and our Body Transformation Challenge participants for 2018 are halfway through their challenge. It’s been really amazing to see the amount of support within the Transformation group, not just from the studio owners, but between fellow PhysiPolers participating in the challenge. I asked the group how they were finding the challenge and what they are loving about it. In true PhysiPole style, they were more than happy to help out.

Aside from the physical transformation everyone is experiencing, the positivity and determination of everyone participating is amazing. Lyndal from the Albury studio said that not only has the support from their studio owners and instructors been amazing, but so has the support from other PhysiPolers in the Challenge group. They encourage each other, keep each other accountable and celebrate each other’s wins, however big or small. Lyndal says she is stronger and fitter than she has ever been in her life and is noticing how much of a difference this is making to her tricks. Rory from the Geelong studio says that the group makes her feel accountable, and that this makes her more motivated to attempt the challenges we are set.  Cynthia, also from Geelong, loves that she has not only changed her diet and stuck to it, but she is regularly seeing a personal trainer, which is something she never thought she would do.

It really showcases the amazing environment that is PhysiPole Studios, as Maddison from Geelong pointed out. She says it isn’t just the students who are participating in the challenge; it’s others around the studios that are aware of the Transformation Challenge and are always willing to provide support and encouragement. She summed it up perfectly when she said “PhysiPolers are the best kind of people” and we definitely are!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s results at the end of the year.

Our year long Transformation Challenge is half way through find out how they are going.