Halloween Competition

Physipole Studios has released a *NEW* in-house studio competition - Halloween!
Display your aerials or pole skills themed to suit Halloween at your chosen location, locations are open to any current PhysiPole Students
Will you have the spookiest routine?

Competition will be held at the following locations, please note you may only enter one location

14th October - Salisbury
- Pole

20th October - Grovedale
- Aerials & Pole

21st October - Albury
- Aerials & Pole

26th October - Warrnambool
- Aerials & Pole

27th October - Traralgon
- Aerials & Pole

27th October - Werribee
- Silks & Pole

27th October - Ballarat
- Aerials & Pole

3rd November - Rockhampton - Aerials & Pole


There are 4 divisions:
1. Pole (Men or Woman)
2. Aerials (silks/tissu & hoop)
3. Groups (Pole & Aerials)
4. Juniors (attending kids class, subject to studio discretion)

Each category is open levelled so any level can enter, you are not marked on trick difficulty level


- You must be a current PhysiPole Studios student and enrolled in a pole or aerial course at least one term before the competition date
- You can only enter 1 location competition so choose the one that dates and location suit you best
- You must fill in all fields of the entry form prior to the entries close date Saturday 29th September 2018 at 12am.
- Must submit a video between 1-2 minutes in length with entry, does not need to be the routine that will be performed at competition
- You may enter one or more divisions but not separate locations
- Up to 10 competitors for each category will be selected to go through for each location
- Your cut music for the competition and a picture are required as apart of your entry

Routine Requirements
- Pole (male & female divisions), Aerials and Juniors performances must be between 2 – 3 minutes in length.
- Groups performances must between 3 – 4 minutes in length.
- Groups can be mixed levels as the division is open.
- No more than 2 competitors on each pole at any given time throughout the performance.
- Performer’s must not engage with the judges prior to, or on the day of the competition.
- No Performance shall make any offensive and/or derogatory references to any religion and/or race.
- Apparatuses/poles will vary depending on location you have entered

- Performers are permitted to use any props, sets, costuming, additional performers, sound effects, performance apparatus or footwear, provided that:
a) the space allows for it physically;
b) it can be set up and completely removed in under 1 minute.
- Any use of the above items should be described in the applicant’s entry.
- The performer may not perform nude or partially nude. G-strings are not permissible. Heels are optional.
- No outfit shall make any offensive and/or derogatory references to any religion and/or race.
- The use of grip aids are permitted.


You will be judged in the below categories all out of 10 points with a possible total of 50 points
- Floorwork: Creativity and level of difficulty of floorwork will be judged. Unique transitions and fluidity will account for higher score.
- Costume/Props: Costumes and props work well with the style and theme of the routine, props are used well throughout routine.
- Dance: The performance is seamless in its transitions between apparatus and dance. Individual movements are well thought out to make sense within the routine. Musicality and staging will also be judged. Performer demonstrates clean lines, strong posture and the deliberate creation of aesthetically pleasing shapes within tricks and overall movement.
- Tricks: Strength and control within tricks, flexibility and unique combinations will account for tricks score.
- Spooky Factor: Engaging the audience and performing with confidence and finesse.

Entry for the 2018 PhysiPole Halloween Competition opens on Friday 14th September, 2018 at 9am, and will close Saturday 29th September, 2018 at 12am.

Please contact comps@physipolestudios.com.au if you have any queries.