🗣 Tuesday Tips with Khilea

Name: Khilea de Koda

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Gladstone

Time Instructing:2-3 years

Expertise: Individuality/p>

Favourite Trick: Meathook & Jallegra<

Tip: If you want to grow, improve, explore and learn to discipline and manage your mindset and emotions- competitions will give you that motivation and platform to do so. These are always my intentions for entering comps. Do what YOU love, don’t conform, don’t try to be like others, do you. Let your passion drive you- Chose your favourite music, wear what you feel, chose your favourite tricks, love each second and every breath of your choreography. If you have trouble creating your own choreo, I suggest co-choreographing your with your instructor for self exploration, that way it matches your body and mental vision of what you want it to be. ❤️

The reasons why instructor Khilea enters competitions and it is not to win.