🗣 Tuesday Tips with Kirsty Van Noodenburg

Name: Legs (aka Kirsty)

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Grovedale (soon to open Sunshine Coast QLD)

Time Instructing: 16 months

Expertise: Pole, strength and flexibility

Favourite Trick: I have soooo many favourite tricks but probably the Janeiro, Handspring variations, Holly Drop, Iguana, Machine Gun, Face plant….the list goes on!! Haha

Tip: My tip would be to make sure that after you exercise that you always stretch, stretching is just as important as working out, putting the two together will enable you to recover quicker and the more you stretch (daily if you can) over time you’ll slowly increase flexibility 🙂

What do you do after your workout? Do you make sure you cool down and stretch?