🗣 Tuesday Tips with Vicki

Name: Vicki McArthur

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Gladstone & Rockhampton

Time Instructing: 5 years

Expertise: Freestyle

Favourite Trick: Anything Shoulder Mount


Find your “YOU”

Choose your pole idols well. We all have pole idols, but choose your main idols that you want to “BE” well, be realistic.
1. Are they similar in build to you? You can improve strength, flexibility, skill but genetics won’t change. Eg. I’m not going to grow longer legs.
2. Are you driven to mimic their style? Try all those combos that they do? Eg. I love Miss Filly but I have to work on my bravery to do those flips.
3. Is it one style of performances that you like…or do you want to explore different methods and push the boundaries. Eg. I love freestyle, the adrenaline.
Create a list of your idols, you will see common aspects of what you like in your idols, in their performances, their skills.
My tip is do ‘your’ own list, of your skills, and goals, your style, your music, performances you like or want to do one day.
If you aren’t sure yet, experiment. Try everything, every style, every class until you find what drives you, where your heart lies.
Do not create or mould yourself in someone else’s image. Create your own…
Absolutely study and learn from your idols.. but put on the finishing touches and make your performances your own.
Find Yourself….Create yourself…..

Are you always trying to be someone else? Vicki tells us the importance of finding your own style.