🗣 Tuesday Tips with Legs

Name: Legs

Instructs at: (and owns!) PhysiPole Studios Sunshine Coast

Time Instructing: Coming up to 2 years

Expertise: I would probably have to say strength with slight flexibility

Favourite Trick: I have soooo many favourite tricks, a few are the Janeiro, Handspring variations, Holly Drop, Iguana, Machine Gun and Face plant


Never compare yourself!

ever compare yourself to others!! Always focus on you and your own journey. Some will get a trick first go, some after a few attempts and for some it may take months. Don’t worry about how quickly the other person in class gets it. Focus on you and making yourself stronger. Practice it over and over and only compare to how you were yesterday. Keep achieving your own goals. Work hard and practice and you will get there.

Comparison can be our biggest downfall, focus on you.