Franchise Testimonial – Kimberley Day

Kimberley Day

PhysiPole Studios Gladstone

My name is Kimberley Day and I am the very proud owner of PhysiPole Studios Gladstone.

I started my pole journey with PhysiPole back in May 2013, and just can not believe where I am today because I decided to come along to that level 1 pole class. The reason I decided to join pole was because of the scoliosis in my spine. My physiotherapist told me my core and back muscles were far too weak to hold my spine straight. So I started pole. I can happily say I no longer have any curvature in my spine and I am the strongest I have ever been.

You would think that’s the end of a success story but it’s not. I was a very lazy person and ate terrible food, and when I started pole, I didn’t realise what a work out it was. I was roughly 98kg before I came to PhysiPole. I prouldly strut around today with 3 times the muscle, but only weighing in at 72kg.

Losing that weight has done a lot for my confidence and I feel so much healthier. It has been a massive achivement in my life.

Aside from the muscle gain and weight loss, I actually have bipolar with psychotic episodes. Along with that I suffer from multiple anxieties and one of my biggest anxieties was interacting with people because I never knew when my mood would swing.

Since joining PhysiPole so many years ago, and doing this amazing fitness class, even if I have had the most miserable day, going to the studio and doing classes always pulled me out of it. Every single time without fail. But it wasn’t just the excercise, even though for a healthy mind space I encourage everyone to keep active, it was the people there. The teachers. The students. Everyone.

PhysiPole has truly become my second family. They are so welcoming and encouraging, and constantly being in that environment has drastically ease my anxieties and given my confidence I never knew I was capable of.

All these thing that I have experienced since being embraced by my PhysiPole family is the reason I was so adamant that one day I was going to own my own PhysiPole studio so I could help that amazing environment grow, and with hopes that one day I can help my students to have their own amazing success stories.My name is Kimberley Day and I am the very proud owner of PhysiPole Studios Gladstone.