Franchise Testimonial – Jem Dyer

Jem Dyer

PhysiPole Studios Warrnambool

“Buying into the PhysiPole franchise was probably one of the best things I have ever done. Before PhysiPole I didn’t really know anything about business, or how business worked or how it ran, and Kristy and Sam were so helpful in the lead up to that with answering any questions that I had regarding absolutely anything. The franchisees were super helpful as well, with letting me know what worked well for them or what didn’t work well.

And the support doesn’t stop there, once you sign your contracts and once you get up and running, if you’ve got any questions or any queries they are usually answered within a couple of minutes, if that, and being outside of business hours as well.

Being part of a franchise now, I wouldn’t know how people do this on their own. You wouldn’t have any one to go to for troubleshooting problems or bounce ideas off or get opinions from. It is such a great thing being a part of a Franchise with having so much support at any time of the day about absolutely anything for your business. It is so great to have so many likeminded people like you, just wanting the best for yourself and for your business as well as the brand.

PhysiPole is becoming such a great brand and is such a great brand to be a part of. It is so innovative and it always expanding one way or another and always trying new things, wanting the best for the students and the wider pole community. It’s changed my life! It’s awesome!”