When PhysiPole Albury’s Lucy Rebhan first started poling, she was too afraid to take a regular class, instead opting for privates to build up her confidence.

“I was too scared to go in a class. I didn’t go to the gym or anything, so I didn’t know how I was going to go,” she recalls.

Now, you can find Lucy teaching Late Night Sexy every week and sharing her passion for pole with her students.

She found her way to PhysiPole in August/September 2017 while training for a competition and started with casual classes, before joining level 5 in January this year.

With a background and interest in sexier dance styles, she took the opportunity to apply for a teacher position and was asked to teach Late Night Sexy.

“It’s helped me improve because I have to make up a routine every week and my freestyling has gotten better. All I do is watch pole dancing videos for inspiration, so now I have a reason to do it.”

Starting in Term 4, Lucy will be teaching Level 2, she’s nervous but is excited for the challenge. For anyone thinking of following in Lucy’s footsteps from student to teacher, her best advice is to just believe in yourself.

“I’m 28, and there are other teachers who are 17. I could not have done that at 17, I think you very much have to be confident in yourself before you do it, because if you’re not it’s going to be very obvious,” she said. “You also have to be interested in it. I think if it’s not something you’re really passionate about it’s not something that’s going to work. This is a job that you enjoy, this isn’t a job you come to to work.”

Her next bit of advice to practice, and to follow other polers for inspiration. Some of Lucy’s favourites to watch are American polers Carmine Black and Annemarie Davies, UK poler Kitty Velour and Australian Fontaine Bradbury.

Above everything else, Lucy continues to pole because she loves how social it is, and that it can instantly turn a bad day around.

“When I come here, my mood totally changes. I could have had a crap day and be really tire – I have to drive an hour to get here (PhysiPole Albury) – but as soon as I’m here I forget all that and I go home happier.

“It’s not liking going to the gym, it’s a very sociable hobby. You can do the smallest thing and you will have achieved something. And there are so many different directions you can go in. My focus is on dancing more than tricks and even just seeing my improvement in that, I get so much enjoyment out of that.”

From never attending a gym to a pole student, to becoming a pole instructor, read Lucy’s journey.