🗣 Tuesday Tips with Carly

Name: Carly Maddison

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Salisbury

Time Instructing:3 years

Expertise: Leg Flexibility

Favourite Trick: Superman, Jade Split


Give Yourself Permission

Too often we utter phrases starting with “I can’t”, “I will never”, “I don’t think I could” – these are all self-fulfilling prophecies.

Instead of taking the path of self-doubt, start telling yourself – and whoever is around you – that you CAN do the thing, you WILL get there, you KNOW that you could do it. Let positivity fill you up and charge your body. Some things may take time and for some things it’s simply a matter of believing in yourself.

Give yourself permission before every practice, every class, every freestyle, every performance – give yourself permission to take each moment as it comes, to work hard, to have fun, to smile, to feel proud, to make mistakes and to learn from them, to go for it.