Hey PhysiFam!

Here’s your latest Industry Update, Spooky Edition!

The 2019 PhysiPole Studios Halloween Competitions were held across the Werribee, Rockhampton, Ballarat, Somerton Park, Traralgon, Sunshine Coast, Albury AND Grovedale Studios!  So many incredible, and pretty scary routines, were showcased and here are the results!!

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone that competed! We’re all looking forward to seeing more videos of these routines and new ones in the future! Check out the studio’s YouTube Channels for some of the routines!


Spooktacular Award: Heidi
Best Costume: Steph
Trickster Award: Sim
Aerials Winner: Sim
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Bek
Groups Winner: Cordelia and Ella


Spooktacular: Hannah Drew
Best costume: Elle
Trickster: Jasmine
Pole Winner: Sam
Pole 1st Runner Up: Katie
Pole 2nd Runner Up: Hannah Breemly
Aerials Winner: Jelly
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Melody Rose
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Jasmine


Spooktacular: Kate Harvey
Best costume: Kay Wilson
Trickster: Lorelai
Pole Winner: CJ
Pole 1st Runner Up: Lorelai
Pole 2nd Runner Up: Kate Harvey
Aerials Winner: Chelsea Lane
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Emily Jane
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Monti
Juniors Winner: Caitlin
Juniors 1st Runner Up: Chloe Thompson
Juniors 2nd Runner Up: Ele

Somerton Park

Spooktacular: Steph and Kels
Best costume: Heidi
Trickster: Dyah
Pole Winner: Amelia
Aerials Winner: Jessica Rose
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Alannah
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Betsy
Advanced Aerials Winner: Dyah
Advanced Aerials 1st Runner Up: Chantelle
Juniors Winner: Isla
Juniors 1st Runner Up: Heidi
Juniors 2nd Runner Up: Molly
Groups Winner: Steph and Kels
Groups 1st Runner Up: Tayani and Makayla
Groups 2nd Runner Up: Polly and Laura

Sunshine Coast

Novice Winner:Sylvia
Aerials Winner:
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Elise
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Emily
Pole Winner: Natalie
Pole 1st Runner Up: Anna
Pole 2nd Runner Up: Insidious Indy
Groups Winner: Ruby & Synegee
Groups 1st Runner Up: Ben and Julia


Spooktacular: Kyia O’Brien
Best costume: Anna Tak
Trickster: Doulusion
Pole Winner: Rachael Peter
Pole Winner: Miss Emma
Aerials Winner: Kathryn
Aerial 1st Runner Up:
Captain Morgana Le Fay
Groups Winner: The Lane Sisters
Groups 1st Runner Up: KP


Spooktacular: Danielle Umar
Best costume: Taylor Rjazancew
Trickster: Shaelyn Camilleri
Novice Winner: Annie Nolan
Novice 1st Runner Up: 
Biance Ismailovski
Novice 2nd Runner Up:
Suzanne Meehan
Pole Winner:
Kate Godden
Pole 1st Runner Up: Taylor Rjazancew
Pole 2nd Runner Up: Shaelyn Camilleri
Aerials Winner: Danielle Umar
Aerial 1st Runner Up:
Monica Lynn
Aerial 2nd Runner Up: Emily Goegan
Groups Winner: Olivia Fabris-Hopkins & Tamara Douthat
Groups 1st Runner Up: Joanna Willis & Bec