Hey PhysiFam!

Here’s your latest Industry Update, Spooky Edition!

The 2021 PhysiPole Studios Halloween Competitions were held across the Ballarat, Traralgon, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Rockhampton, Somerton Park and Warrnambool Studios!  So many incredible, and pretty scary routines, were showcased and here are the results!!

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone that competed! We’re all looking forward to seeing more videos of these routines and new ones in the future! Check out the studio’s YouTube Channels for some of the routines!


Competition to be held on January 29th 2022, stay tuned for results!


Juniors Winner: Wednesday Adams
Novice Winner: Caitlin Dunstan
Pole Winner: Adeline
Aerials Winner: I Need Her
Groups: Just Tricks No Treats
Spooktackular: I Need Her
Best Costume: Tara Chapman
Trickster: Chanilly

Somerton Park

Pole Winner: Alex
Pole 1st Runner Up: 6 inch minx
Pole 2nd Runner Up: Sheridan
Advanced Pole Winner: Aurora Knight
Advanced Pole 1st Runner Up: Slayla
Advanced Pole 2nd Runner Up: Melissa May
Pole Groups Winner: Caitlin and Tayla
Pole Groups 1st Runner Up: Daughters of Lust
Aerials Winner: Alex
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Indigo Fae
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Esther
Advanced Aerials Winner: Ollie
Advanced Aerials 1st Runner Up: Amber
Advanced Aerials 1st Runner Up: Alannah
Aerial Groups Winner: Lauren and Madi
Aerial Groups 1st Runner Up: Freaks
Aerial Groups 2nd Runner Up: The Suicide Squad

Sunshine Coast

Aerials Winner: Lil Rach
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Amanda
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Jessikay
Junior Aerials Winner: Little Miss Harley
Junior Aerials 1st Runner Up: Abbey
Aerial Groups Winner: Disturbia
Aerial Groups 1st Runner Up: Mel and Lani
Aerial Groups 2nd Runner Up: Little Reds
Junior Pole Winner: Izzy
Junior Pole 1st Runner Up: Jayme
Pole Winner: Ellie
Pole 1st Runner Up: Gryffin
Pole 2nd Runner Up: Bella
Pole Groups Winner: Amanda and Ellie
Best Costume: Mel and Lani, and Shaira


Spooktacular: Ariana
Best costume: April
Trickster: Helen
Pole Winner: Miss Lana
Pole 1st Runner Up: Chelsie
Aerials Winner: Ilona
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Shaani
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Helen
Juniors Winner: Ariana
Juniors 1st Runner Up: Leah
Juniors 2nd Runner Up: Amazing Ada


Spooktacular: Savannah and Veronica
Best costume: Molly Rose and Megan
Trickster: Lola and Savannah
Junior Beginner Winner: Molly Rose
Junior Beginner 1st Runner Up:
Junior Beginner 2nd Runner Up:
Junior Intermediate Winner: Veronica
Junior Intermediate 1st Runner Up:
Junior Intermediate 2nd Runner Up:
Junior Advanced Winner: Savannah
Junior Advanced 1st Runner Up:
Junior Advanced 2nd Runner Up:
Junior Pole Winner: Amarli Jade
Junior Pole 1st Runner Up:
Pole Winner:
Pole 1st Runner Up: Chloe
Pole Groups Winner: Amarli & Issy
Pole Groups 1st Runner Up: Lacey & Savannah
Pole Groups 2nd Runner Up: Lily & Sheri
Aerials Winner: Lil
Aerial 1st Runner Up:
Aerial 2nd Runner Up: Ebony Pater
Aerial Groups Winner: Sanderson Sisters
Aerial Groups 1st Runner Up: Maya & Bridie