Hey PhysiFam!

Miss Emma here with the last Industry Insider for the year.

The first ever PhysiPole Studios Halloween Competition was held in a few of the studios throughout October and November. There were guts and gore galore on display from some of the very talented students representing each studio. Some routine snippets that I’ve seen were so scary, I may have slept with a light on!

The studios that held a Halloween competition were Traralgon, Ballarat, Salisbury, Grovedale, Werribee, Warrnambool, Albury and Rockhampton. Results for each studio are below!

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone that competed! We’re all looking forward to seeing more videos of these routines and new ones in the future!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my articles! Looking forward to bringing you all the industry news next year!!!


Spooktacular Award: Brandii V
Best Costume: Rhi
Aerials Winner: Sim
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Bek
Pole Winner: feat._her
Pole 1st Runner Up: Brandii V


Spooktacular: Gemma Sternberg
Best costume: Hannah Drew
Trickster: Ellen Pickles
Pole 2nd Runner up: Melissa Hocking
Pole Runner up: Ellen Pickles
Pole Winner: Gemma Sternbeg
Aerials 2nd Runner up: Kira Prouse
Aerials Runner up: Tahlia Harrison
Aerials Winner: Hannah Drew


Spooktacular Award: Serendipity
Best Costume: Charli Rose
Best Trickster: Esther
Pole Winner: Emily Cole
Pole 1st Runner Up: Charli Rose
Pole 2nd Runner Up: Esther
Groups Winner: Serendipity
Groups 1st Runner Up: Clowning Around
Groups 2nd Runner Up: Jess & Sarah


Best Trickster: Ashleigh Watts (Gladstone)
Spooktacular Award: Ange Gourley (Gladstone)
Best Costume: Marites Flores
Aerials Winner: Erin Lewis (Rockhampton)
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Emma Louise (Rockhampton)
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Chelsea Schmidt (Rockhampton)
Pole 1st: Marites Flores (Gladstone)
Pole 1st Runner Up:  Ange Gourley (Gladstone)
Pole 2nd Runner Up: Kaitlyn Beattie (Rockhampton)
Groups Winner: Michaela Toohey & Ally Benjamin (Rockhampton)
Groups Runner Up: Tara and Chelsea Schmidt (Rockhampton)
Juniors Winner: Jasmine Hudson (Rockhampton)
Juniors 1st Runner Up: Tylese Bennett (Hervey Bay)
Juniors 2nd Runner Up: Bridie England (Rockhampton)
Juniors 3rd Runner Up: Paige Browne (Gladstone


Spooktacular Award: Tessa (Salisbury)
Best Costume: Goo (Hervey Bay)
Best Trickster:Miss.Malanda (Salisbury)
Pole Winner: Miss.Malanda (Salisbury)


Spooktacular Award: Natasha
Best Costume: Kathryn
Best Trickster: Rachael Peter
Pole Winner: Rachael Peter
Aerials Winner: Rachel Heily
Groups Winner: Tricksterz


Best Costume: Lola Paton
Best Trickster: Baby Dolls
Spooktacular Award: Matilda Allen
Aerials Winner: Matilda Allen
Aerials 1st Runner Up: Meg Lumsden
Aerials 2nd Runner Up: Mollie Buckley
Pole Winner: Bonnie Williamson
Pole 1st Runner Up: Ebony Pater
Groups Winner: Bonnie and Mollie
Groups 1st Runner Up: Baby Dolls (Amarli and Chloe)
Groups 2nd Runner Up: Kelsey and Meg
Juniors Winner: Amarli Frankel
Juniors 1st Runner Up: Ruby Munro
Juniors 2nd Runner Up: Issy Dean


Spooktacular Award: Emily Martignago
Best Costume: Taylor
Best Trickster: Catalina
Pole Winner: Loretta Addamo

Our first ever Halloween Competition, find out all the placings here!