🗣 Tuesday Tips with Rebecka

Name: Rebecka

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Werribee & Yarraville

Time Instructing: 1 year

Expertise: Strength

Favourite Trick: Shoulder Mount Variations


Hands Only Climbing

My tip for this one is to allow yourself the time for the strength conditioning preparing for this trick. For instance seated pull ups with two hands and eventually advancing to one hand. Both going up, and then down as the down motion also builds strength! You can also just hold on and pull up and down for as long as you can, alternating what hand is on top. The latter exercise is easier on spiny pole though.

To the trick itself, I’d suggest being mindful of the length/extension of the arms and the positioning of the hands. The further up you attach your hands, the further you also have to pull! And the longer (or more extended) your arms are, the weaker your muscles will be. So with this one, try to take baby steps where you only climb a small distance at a time – putting the hand just above the other. Allow yourself to fully pull up before you take your next climb, otherwise, you are likely to start extending and you will be weaker. Once that happens it is hard to get back up again and the circle continues.

Ever wanted to master a hands only climb on the pole Rebecka has some tips for you.