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Pole Dancing Courses

A great workout and a lot of fun! These courses include spins and aerial tricks, each class you'll learn new tricks as your fitness, strength and flexibility increases so does the level of the workout! Choose between Static classes where the pole is stationary and you create your own momentum or Spin class where the pole spins and you work yourself holding positions or why not do both!

Classes are 1 person per pole
$220 for 8 weeks, 1 hour per week

Kids Mixed Aerials Course

Our kids classes are a great way to burn energy while they learn tricks on aerial hoop and silks. If they love monkeys bars, spinning and going upside down they will love our classes.The classes help build coordination, strength and confidence, they will have so much fun they will not want to leave!

Classes are $180 for 8 weeks, 1 hour per week

Hammock Flow

With a calm and peaceful vibe from the moment you begin, you will spend the hour activating and stretching your body while enjoying fun shapes and positions in the hammock. This class allows you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated while improving body awareness. No experience required! This class is open to all, and runs casually for just $25 per visit. Small class sizes mean limited spots available make sure to book in advance.

Class is for 1 hour, $25
$220 for 10 class pass

Aerial Hoop Courses

If you wanted to join the circus when you were a kid then this is the course for you! Enjoy learning fun tricks that includes spins, holding shapes flex and strength moves on an aerial hoop while getting a workout at the same time! We have various sized hoops and different heights to suit all students, you do not need to start nice and high. Wear your leggings in this class with a comfy shirt

Classes are 2 person per Hoop
$220 for 8 weeks, 1 hour per week

Our Studio

Meet our teaching team!

All PhysiPole teachers are internationally accredited pole dance and fitness instructors. Our instructors are all incredibly friendly and can't wait to share their passion for pole with you!

Studio Owner

Amanda Saddington

Studio Owner

I started gymnastics as a toddler and continued throughout Primary School. Hanging upside down and swinging on the monkey bars is where I spent most of my lunch time breaks. During High School, I played volleyball until my University days, and the adoption of my first fur-baby in 2004 saw me taking up daily ‘adventure walks’. While living in Queensland, I discovered the wonderful world of Pole Fitness in 2012 and I absolutely loved it! My initial 5 week term turned into a whole year of fun fitness activities. I also attended a weekly strength class and practice, as the more I did, the more I wanted to improve. In 2013, my Husband and I moved to Canberra and our son was born. I found a new Pole Studio in Canberra in 2014 and started weightlifting to build more strength. We moved interstate twice more in 2015, back home to Victoria, and that led me to PhysiPole Studios. After two terms of Pole, I tried Hoop and Silks and fell in love with everything aerial – so much that I became an instructor, which then led to becoming a Studio Owner!
I enjoy living a happy, healthy, active lifestyle and love helping others of all ages do the same. We can’t wait for you to become a part of our PhysiFamily where you will gain more than just a healthier you!

Studio Instructors

Peggy Bray

Studio Manager & Instructor

Studio Instructors

Brinna Kerrin

Studio Instructor

Studio Instructors

Jade Phelps

Studio Instructor

Studio Instructors

Peta Dunlop

Studio Instructor

Brinna K