Physipole Studios ‘Ignite’ is our annual inhouse studio competition with categories in all apparatuses. Ignite is a great opportunity for current PhysiPole students to display their pole and aerial skills while representing their local studio. Check out all the details below.

Entry for the 2024 IGNITE Studio Heats for Adults and Juniors opens on April 1st 2024 and close April 30th 2024.

Entry Guidelines

  • You must enter at the location you are currently enrolled as a student, if for some reason you are unable to make that date please contact your studio with the requested location and they will approve or deny this request with the requested location
  • You can enter more than one apparatus category
  • Any queries email comps@physipolestudios.com.au

Compete on both Static & Spin Pole

  • you must be a current pole student in term 2 at any PhysiPole Studios location to enter
  • poles finish will vary depending on location for heats, but all will have one static (stage right), the second spinning (stage left)

Beginner - Pre-Intermediate




Elite student previously placed at any external competition.

Compete on Aerial Hoop, Silks, Hammock or Trapeze

  • you must be a current aerials student in term 2 at any PhysiPole Studios location to enter
  • height will vary at heats depending on location
  • use your own apparatus or one provided by the studio

Beginner - Pre-Intermediate




Elite student previously placed at any external competition.

Compete with a friend or 2 in any apparatus of your choice

  • all group participants must be an enrolled student in term 2 at any PhysiPole Studios location
  • pole and aerials will compete against each other at heats but be separated at finals
  • routines to be 3-4 minutes long
  • height will vary at heats depending on location
  • use your own apparatus or one provided by the studio
  • poles can be selected if both static, booth spin or varied
  • open category no sub leveled categories

Junior heats will be run with adult heats but have a separate final.


Saturday 13th July 2024



Saturday 13th July 2024



SSunday 14th July 2024



Saturday 29th of June 2024



Saturday 6th of July 2024



Sunday 21st of July 2024



Saturday 22nd of June 2024



Compete at Sunshine Coast Saturday 20th of July 2024



Compete at Pakenham 30th of June 2024



Sunday 30th of June 2024



Saturday 20th of July 2024



Compete at Traralgon Saturday 29th of June 2024



Sunday 21st of July 2024


Saturday 20th of July 2024



Saturday 20th of July 2024



Saturday 29th of June 2024



Aerials attend Grovedale Sunday 22nd of June 2024
Pole attend Werribee Sunday 23rd of June 2024



Saturday 22nd of June 2024 – Adults
Saturday 23rd of June 2024 – Juniors



Sunday 24th of June 2024


All information including judging criteria, entry forms details and more can be found on our new information pack, download now!

Find the answers to frequently asked questions here. If you are still unsure email comps@physipolestudios.com.au

If I am different levels in spin and static pole that put me in different categories which category do I enter?

You will enter the higher category of the 2 for example if you are intermediate static and advanced spin you will enter the advanced category.

Are human props allowed?
Human props are allowed as long as they do not touch the pole or aerials apparatus.

What shoes are allowed?
This is up to you! You can have bare feet or any shoes that will not damage the poles or aerial equipment.

Can I bring my own aerial apparatus?
Yes you can! There will be your studio apparatus available for your heats and varied apparatus available at finals, please advise in your entry form if you would to provide your own and ensure you have receipts/compliance/testing paperwork for the equipment or use the studios.

Am I allowed to put grip on the pole?
Can be applied to the pole by the pole cleaners you will be able to issue your preferences either at entry or after your run through on the day of competition.

Am I allowed to have my routine filmed or photographed by my family?
Photos and videos will be taken at the event but your friends and family are allowed to take their own videos and pictures also.

What tricks am I allowed to put in my routine?
Must be in syllabus for that apparatus in the correct division you are entering, eg if you are in beginner you are allowed to complete syllabus skills up to Pre-Intermediate even if you are only in Beginner. Elite are able to complete any skill. Variations of syllabus tricks will be allowed if they still fit that level of difficulty, if you are unsure please email comps@physipolestudios.com.au

Will other competitors be allowed to have the same song as me?
No duplicates of songs will be accepted for heats this will be first in best dressed so make sure to get your entry in early to secure your song. This is harder to control for finals as not everyone from heats will go through to finals so there may be song duplicates at finals.
If you enter then decide to change your song make sure to email your new submission to comps@physipolestudios.com.au but be aware this could be declined if the song has already been chosen.

Will there be food provided/available?
You are responsible to make sure you have your own food/snacks at heats and finals.

Do I need to organise my own Hair/Make up?
This is your responsibility for heats, you can bring your own but we ask that they leave the venue no later than 30 minutes before doors open to the public. Please confirm with your studio any further time restrictions.
For finals, we may organise a hair and makeup artist for you to utilise at a cost. This will be discussed and organised in a closed Facebook group for final competitors.

What classifies me in the semi-pro division?
This category is for anyone who has previously placed while competing at an external competition.
There is no timeline or level on when you placed (it may be three years ago in a much lower level to what you are now), as it’s not about the level you were or the competition you competed in, it’s about the level of comp experience this competitor will now have.
If you had only placed in a pole competition, you would not be semi-pro for the aerials competition, and vice versa.

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