PhysiPole Studios Ignite Finals

Come and watch the winners of each of the heats across 13 locations compete in their category you will be amazed at the talent!

24th August - 6pm
- Juniors
- Aerials
- Groups
- Mens

25th August - 6pm
- Pole Beg-Adv

Venue will be set up with tables of 10 with a dinner menu available to order from throughout the show


General Admission - $60
VIP Tickets Front Table and VIP Bar - $80
*Limited Tcikets Available

Make the most out of weekend and purchase a package, lots of options to choose from!

Come and enjoy a 5 star buffet breakfast at the Mantra Bell City Hotel with a chance to meet some big names in the Pole World! 25th August 2018 at 8:30am Our official photographers for the weekend will be her to capture you with your pole idols including Lisa D, Kristy Sellars and Enchanted!



We have so many great things planned to fill your weekend for Ignite Finals!
Check out the timetable here and description with booking links below
Hurry to secure your spot in your chosen workshops
Bookings require 50% deposit to secure your spot

What Gravity? - Costume Creation 1.5hrs $65
25th August 10:30am – Thornbury Theatre

Learn how to create your own costume or even just bling up something so you have something special for your next competition, Liz from What Gravity will run this special workshop over Ignite Weekend. Location: Thornbury Theatre


Amy Hazel – Exotic Chore 1hr $65
25th August 10:30am – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

Amy Hazel’s dance classes at Blackbird studio are one of a kind. With over a months wait list, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. With over 18 years of dance training in a variety of styles, this challenging class will leave you with transitions and movement to help you in creating your own dance choreography! Splits is preferred for this workshop and make sure to bring your knee pads and long socks – and heels for exotic!


Amy Hazel – Contortion 1.5hrs $75
25th August 12pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

Amy Hazel has been training in contortion for 6 years! Her development of skills and knowledge of the body have enabled her to become one of Australia’s bendiest pole dancers. Learn the tricks of the trade in this amazing workshop, focused on partner and active style stretching. Be sure to stay warm throughout class by wearing layers! Also advisable to bring knee pads, blocks and yoga mats. No need to bring a partner but if you have a reliable stretch buddy, it can be very beneficial to the both of you!


Natty Stephens – Tricks & Glue 1hr $50
25th August 12pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

Tricks And Glue is a workshop of tricks and the glue that holds them altogether. Learn a bunch of tricks with a variety of ways to get in to them, out of them, and how to put them all together!


Amy Hazel – Signature Tricks 1.5hrs $75
25th August 1:30pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

Known for her unique shapes, Amy Hazel’s signature tricks workshop is one of a kind. Learning a range of strength based techniques, bendy tips and tricks as well as famous signature Amy Hazel moves. Tricks may be requested during the class and will be taught if applicable to the students abilities.


Enchanted – Doubles Acro 1hr $60
25th August 1:30pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

Floorwork for doubles! Doubles pole routines are increasingly using acro moves and skills as part of their showmanship. In this workshop you will learn a variety of acro balance moves incorporating base and flyer. You will be working with a partner to create aesthetically pleasing poses that will challenge your strength, balance and co-ordination. Designed for ALL levels and abilities.


Enchanted – Doubles Pole 1hr $60
25th August 3pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

In this workshop you’ll experiment with more advanced doubles moves and partner work, including integrated tricks, base/flyer tricks, and transitions for linking your doubles tricks together. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn some of Enchanted’s signature doubles moves. You won’t need a partner to join this workshop as we’ll all be working together. This workshop is always evolving and is suitable for advanced level polers who can safely aerial invert.


Lisa D – Fierce Flow 1hr 15m $60
26th August 10:30am – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

A fierce exotic flow class that builds a hot Russian-inspired routine. Lisa teaches students a series of dance and basework elements step by step that build into a fun, challenging and sexy choreography in the distinct Russian style. All levels are welcome. Kneepads and heels recommended.


Lisa D – Flex for the Unflexy 1hr 15m $60
26th August 12pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

A class for NON-flexible students to help them build their flexibility! Dreaming of nailing your splits? Or if you've got your splits, do you want to improve your oversplit? Not all of us are naturally flexible, yet we are constantly striving for flexy tricks, and often the process can be frustrating and leave us injured. In this workshop Lisa will teach you the stretching and mobilising routine she developed to get her oversplits and walk you through important foundational techniques, positioning, and conditioning exercises to help you understand what is holding you back in your flexy journey and what you can do about it!


Natty Stephens – Exotic Pole 1.5hrs $60
26th August 12pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

This workshop combines floor work, basework and low flow pole movement. It is sexy, creative, and powerful, with a focus on combining fluid movement, strong lines and musicality. You will learn a choreographed exotic pole routine merging dance, tricks and acro on the floor and the pole. You will learn to create fluid movement with your body, work on coordination, musicality and technique.


Natty Stephens – Work the Floor 1hrs $50
26th August 1:30pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

This is a non-pole floor work workshop, exotic natty style. Heels and knee pads required. You will learn a choreographed floorwork routine.


Lisa D – Unusual Tricks 1.5hrs $65
26th August 1:30pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

Lisa D is known for her unusual tricks and interesting transitions, as well as her way of twisting everyday moves into something different. In this workshop Lisa teaches a range of fun and unusual tricks and transitions that will catch the imagination of your audience. Students also learn how to get into and out of their new moves beautifully, as well as tips on strength, technique and flexibility to help them reach that next level. Please note: Lisa teaches variations on tricks to suit students depending on their level so everyone has the opportunity to learn something new. PREREQUISITE LEVEL: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE: Invert from the ground. Inside and outside leg hang. INTERMEDIATE/ADANCED: Aerial invert and shoulder mount.


Rony Lebovics – Come Belay with Me! 1.5hrs $60
26th August 3pm – PhysiPole Studios Grovedale

“COME BELAY WITH ME!” A total immersion into the intricate world of silks belays, with Rony! Learn and explore a number of creative belays in this 90 minute workshop - with some extra skills and drills thrown in for good measure! Rony started her love affair with silks way back in 2001. Since then she has been performing, creating, choreographing and coaching throughout Australia and internationally… and the love just keeps growing stronger!Requirements: Experienced Silks Beginner to intermediate students - must be able to aerial invert, climb, and be competent in footlocks