PhysiPole Studios Ignite Finals

Come and watch the winners of each of the heats across 17 locations compete in their category you will be amazed at the talent!

23rd August

Doors Open 6pm | Show Starts 6:30pm

- Juniors
- Aerials
- Groups

24th August

Doors Open 6pm | Show Starts 6:30pm

- Mens
- Pole Beginners
- Pole Intermediate
- Pole Advanced

Venue will be set up with tables of 10 with platters included on each table to get you through the night

Ticket Options

Childrens Admission - $65
General Admission - $80
VIP Tickets Front Table - $90
*Limited Tickets Available


We have so many great things planned to fill your weekend for Ignite Finals!

Check out the timetable here and description with booking links below

Hurry to secure your spot in your chosen workshops

Bookings require 50% deposit to secure your spot.

Shimmy’s Signature Tricks | 1.5 hours | Intermediate - Advanced $70

24th August 10:30am – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

In this workshop, Shimmy will teach you some of her signature combos and tricks to incorporate into your own performances and training. Shimmy’s signature tricks include unusual grips, power moves and plenty of spinning.

Shimmy will teach you how to control your spinning momentum. Participants must be able to invert.


Rony - LyraSpins & Strength Skills | 1.5 hours | Intermediate | $55

24th August 12pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

Gain a greater understanding of the principles behind awesome strength skills and spin sequences!

This workshop will cover a range of strength and conditioning moves used to work your way up to achieving these skills and to assist in controlling your movements to work with your spin and create incredible, dynamic spin chorey!

(Requirement: Intermediate Strength Level)


Dirty Sexy Floorwork | 1.5 hours | All levels | $70

24th August 12:00pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

24th August 1:30pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield – BOOKED OUT

Learn how to get down and dirty in the sexiest way with this workshop. Shimmy’s floorwork style is sexy, sensual and acrobatic.

Shimmy will teach you the basics of sexy floorwork, and you will learn a fully choreographed routine.

Bring leg warmers and heels and knee pads.

BOOK 12:00PM

Rony – Handstands | All levels | 1 hour | $45

24th August 1:30pm – PhysiPole Studios Fairfield

A skills and drills workshop focused on creating good habits that lead to great handstands!

(Requirement: Confident kicking to handstand on a wall or with a spot)

Sweet Berries Clothing
Dancing Dust

What Gravity?
BLAK Apparel
All The Feels

Pole Away
Glitter Guts
Vector Etch

Exotique B
Curated By Alice

Aerial Artistry
DJ Lil T