🗣 Tuesday Tips with Carly

Name: Carly

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Salisbury

Time Instructing: 3 years

Expertise: Straddles, Splits, Hoop, Pole

Favourite Trick: Jade Split, Superman, Titanic. Gazelle on Hoop

Tip: BREATHE! I cannot stress this enough! For one thing, it keeps you alive (always handy!) but-
* Your muscles need the steady oxygen supply so that they can allow you to move into those positions and hold them!
* Being upside down is sooo much easier if you breathe. It’s hard enough to orientate yourself upside down without depriving yourself of air as well
* That combo that seems impossibly long? Take notice of whether you’ve been breathing properly every time you practice it – each individual component will feel a little easier to move through and to hold if you’re breathing, and you just might get to the end without looking like a beetroot!

Who sometimes holds their breath when completing a trick? Remember to Breathe!