🗣 Tuesday Tips with Peggy

Name: Peggy Bray

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Hervey Bay

Time Instructing:18 months

Expertise: Strength and Troubleshooting

Favourite Trick: Vomitron and Figure Skater

Tip: Hey PhysiFam Peg from Hervey Bay 🙂 just want to let you guys know something we ALL can do to help with Recovery. It’s that magic we all seem to put off because of our heavy work and lifestyles. SLEEP! Did you know adults need 8-10hours of good quality sleep to function at the best ability. When you go into REM sleep your brain goes into ‘Doctor Mode.’ Releasing hormones to repair muscle tares, injuries, sprains and strains and even more! So my challenge to you. We all set an alarm to get up in the morning, I want you to set an alarm to goto bed. Set it at least half an hour before you goto bed, this helps to tell your brain to start relaxing and get ready for the magic to happen. No blue lights, so leave the laptop out of your room, pop your phone away and turn off that TV. These will all keep you awake by sending signals to your brain to keep active. It’ll be hard at first but over time it’ll be easier, relax yourselves and get some good quality sleep 😴😴😴

We all know we all have to sleep but how high up your priority list is it?