Hey PhysiPolers and everyone!

Our Pole year is off to a spectacular start. As mentioned in my last article, Dance for a Difference was on February 11 and what a show it was! I was lucky enough to catch it on the live stream which was run at the Traralgon studio and it was an awesome to watch. I wish I could’ve been there in person. The highlights of the show for me was definitely seeing Suzie Q & Toby J’s winning APC routine and the auction for a kiss from Blue Phoenix which ended up being $500! The awesome Dance for a Difference team raised $46,493.00 for Spinal Cure Australia! $1000 of which was contributed by our own PhysiPole Family! Well done to Chilli Rox, Dallas Dee and everyone who performed and helped out for this amazing cause!

Valentine's Day Competition 2018

On the 17th of February, things got hot and sexy at PhysiPole Studios Bendigo for the Valentines Day Competition! I was lucky enough to be one of the competitors on the night and if there was anymore hotness from the competitors, the fire brigade would’ve had to been called cause they were all LIT! We were lucky to get guest performances from our founder Kristy Sellars and at the end, Danielle (Studio owner of Werribee) and Brady Stevens (Instructor from Werribee studio) turned up the heat with their doubles performance. The judges, Kristy, Talanna (studio owner of Geelong) and Natty Stephens (multiple pole comp title holder), had the hardest job of judging all the hot booty’s and sexy moves. They knuckled down and picked 3 gorgeous girls for the winning spots

Bendigo Results

1st Place – Bethany Tyler (PhysiPole Werribee)
2nd Place – Lorisa Barraza (PhysiPole Werribee)
3rd Place – Hidden Jem (PhysiPole Carlton)
Well done girls and well done to all the competitors!

And on the 24th of February, our Queensland studios had their Valentines Day Competition held at the Rockhampton studio. All the competitors were amazing and super hot! Judges were Kristy and Peggy Bray (Hervey Bay Studio Manager). While all the competitors were fantastic, the judges had the difficult task of selecting the girls to win. The winners were:

Rockhampton Results

1st place – Brogan Ramm (PhysiPole Rockhampton)
2nd place – Alyssa Tyrrell (PhysiPole Rockhampton)
3rd place – Vanessa Stewart (PhysiPole Rockhampton)

Well done to the competitors and to the winners!

Wonderland Events Elite Pole Championships

On the 24th of March is Wonderland Events Elite Pole Championships at the Cardinia Centre in Pakenham. We have a few PhysiPole competing in this competition, including myself. There are 3 divisions, Mixed Level Male, Advanced Solo & Advanced Duo. With an awesome panel of judges, Adam Lin, Danny Golding, Amy Hazel & Gracie Buntie, the competition is sure to bring an array of talent to the stage! Good luck to the competitors and tickets are available here


Arnold's Sport Festival

Over the weekend of the 16 to the 18 of March, PhysiPole Studios was at the Arnold’s Sports Festival 2018. We had a stall over the 3 days and also assisted during the Pole Championships Series with girls and guys being pole monkeys for the competitors. We had Courtney from the Craigieburn Studios compete in the Women’s Amateur division of the competition and Bonnie Williamson from Warrnambool compete in the Juniors division taking out third place well done! It was awesome to watch all the competitors and congrats to all the competitors who competed and won!

Survivor Pole Championships

The same weekend, on Saturday the 17th was Survivor Pole Championships. It was an epic night filled with amazing routines from both competitors and guest performers. Our girls who competed on the night did wonderfully and we couldn’t be prouder. Celestee (Traralgon Studio Owner) was honoured the Blak Apparel Rising Star Sash and Talanna (Geelong Studio Owner) was awarded the Trickster Sash. We can’t wait to see all the videos but check out Celestee’s video here and Talanna’s below

Dance for a Difference, Valentines Comp, Arnolds, Survivor and Wonderland it’s all happening