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Hey everyone! It’s your industry insider Miss Emma!

This term was huge with one competition and that was IGNITE 2018! Ignite is getting bigger every year and each and everyone who competed was just amazing and wonderful to watch. Here’s the breakdown for the studio heats!


Womens Beginner:
Winner – Marites
1st Runner Up – Angela Gourley
2nd Runner Up – Shania Barrett
Womens Intermediate
Winner: Jodie Stirrat
1st Runner Up – Kelly Cavanagh
Womens Advanced
Winner – Khilea de Koda Sharp
1st Runner Up – Ash Watts
2nd Runner Up – Vicki McArthur


Winner – Bonnie and Mollie
1st Runner Up – Baby Dolls (Amarli and Chloe)
Winner – Amarli Frankel
1st Runner Up – Chloe Mutton
2nd Runner Up- Makenzie Lang
Beginner Aerials
Winner – Bec Bawden
1st Runner Up – Tinika Clifford
2nd Runner Up – Monica Curran
Intermediate Aerials
Winner – Taz Reuel
1st Runner Up – Lily Maglaras
Advanced Aerials
Winner – Matilda Allen
1st Runner Up – Bonnie Williamson
2nd Runner Up Meg Lumsden
Beginner Pole
Winner – Sheri Armati
Intermediate Pole
Winner – Kelsey Hayward
1st Runner Up – Meg Lumsden
2nd Runner Up – Nikita Pokharel
Advanced Pole
Winner – Bonnie Williamson


Aerials Beginner:
Winner – Shannon Winthers
1st Runner Up – Caitlin Toohey
2nd Runner Up – Erin Lewis
Aerials Intermediate:
Winner – Sheridan Thompson
1st Runner Up – Emma Peterson
2nd Runner Up – Tara Schmidt
Aerials Advanced:
Winner – Alyssa Tyrell
1st Runner Up – Vanessa Stewart
Winner – Bridie England
1st Runner Up – Chelsea Schmidt
2nd Runner Up – Lacey Cox
Groups: Bridget & Aidan
Womens Beginner
Winner – Michaela Toohey
1st Runner Up – Kaitlyn Beattie
2nd Runner Up – Cassandra Towel
Womens Intermediate
Winner – Caitlin Jo Fruk
1st Runner Up – Tara Scmidt
Womens Advanced
Winner – Alyssa Tyrell
1st Runner Up – Vanessa Stewart
2nd Runner Up – Erin Lewis


Beginner pole
Winner – Rachel Burt
1st Runner Up – Kate Godden
2nd Runner Up – Chantelle Elliott
Intermediate Pole
Winner – Lorisa Barazza
1st Runner Up – Loretta Addamo
2nd Runner Up – Emily Martignago
Advance Pole
Winner – Bethany Tyler
1st Runner Up – Madie Roache
Beginner Aerials
Winner – Chantelle Elliot
Intermediate Aerials
Winner – Monica Simmons
1st Runner Up – Tara Johnson
Advance Aerials
Winner – Danielle Umar
Winners – Dani & Nick
1st Runner Up – Tara & Monica

Hervey Bay

Groups Winner – Symmetry
Juniors – Bailyn
Advanced Pole – Cassie
Advanced Aerials – Cassie


Aerials Intermediate:
Winner – Kim Cardwell
1st Runner Up – Danica Hensel
Womens Beginner
Winner – Caitlan Reeves
1st Runner Up – Tiff Smart
Womens Intermediate
Winner – Amber Lenon
1st Runner Up – Nica
2nd Runner Up – Abbie Rehe
Womens Advanced
Winner – Gabbie Parker
1st Runner Up – Shez
2nd Runner Up – Miss FUTA

Carlton & Craigieburn

Beg Aerials winner – Black Ice
Inter Aerials winner – Quinta
Junior winner – Tahlee Gray
Novice Pole winner – Peta Short
Beg Pole 2nd Runner Up – Tegan Murnane
Beg Pole 1st Runner Up – CJ
Beg Pole winner – Evie Tozer
Beg Pole winner (Craigieburn) – Karen McKenzie
Inter Pole 2nd Runner Up – Hannah Blount
Inter Pole 1st Runner Up – Paula Hayes
Inter Pole winner – Black Ice
Adv Pole 2nd Runner Up – Gwenivieve
Adv Pole 1st Runner Up – Miss Lee
Adv Pole winner – Nin
Adv Pole winner (Craigieburn) – Tooshie


Winner – Lani
1st Runner Up – Rylie
2nd Runner Up – Mia
3rd Runner Up – Acrostar
Beginner Aerials:
Winner – Kira
1st Runner Up- Angel Tara
Inter Aerials:
Winner – Amanda
1st Runner Up – Queen Mercedes
Advanced Aerials:
Winner – Lauren
1st Runner Up – Sam
Winner – Kira and Shelby
1st Runner Up – PDA
Winner – Twisted Pansy
Beginner Pole:
Winner – Elle
1st Runner Up – Eddi
2nd Runner Up – Holly
Intermediate Pole:
Winner – Cristal
1st Runner Up – Jasmine
2nd Runner Up – Molly
Advanced Pole:
Winner – Mollie
1st Runner Up – Stacey


Winner – Tristen
1st Runner Up – Hannaa
2nd Runner Up – Megan
Winner – Amara
1st Runner Up – Kate
2nd Runner Up – Babydoll
Winner – Tash
1st Runner Up – Hayley
2nd Runner Up – Michaela
Winner – Felix
Winners – Hayley and Eli
1st Runner Up – Mars and Megan
2nd Runner Up – Johno twins


Novice Aerials
Winner: Kate Harvey
1st Runner Up: Katerina Lau
2nd Runner Up: Tahlia Allegra
Beginner Pole
Winner: Megan Box
1st Runner Up: Melissa Meyers
Intermediate Pole
Winner: Jessica Ormeno
1st Runner Up: Medussa
2nd Runner Up: Emerald
Advanced Pole
Winner: Liz Johnston
1st Runner Up: Charli Rose
Winner: Twinzees
1st Runner Up: Serendipity


Beginner Aerials
Winner: Emily Lane
1st Runner Up: Nicole Bourke
2nd Runner Up: Joker
Intermediate Aerials
Winners: Rachael Peter
1st Runner Up: Rachel Heily
Advanced Aerials
Winners: Kaysha Mallinson
1st Runner Up: Amanda Saddington
Winner: Asian Assasins
1st Runner Up: Mel & Rach
Pole Beginner
Winner: Danielle Ross
Pole Intermediate
Winner: Tash
1st Runner Up: Beth Kershaw
2nd Runner Up: Rachael Peter
Pole Advanced
Winner: Emma Dunn
1st Runner Up: Cassie Morfitt

All the first place winners from each heats went on to compete at the finals at the Thornbury Theatre and the talent definitely shined onstage! Everyone was amazing and each routine bought something different to the stage! A huge congratulations to everyone who competed and an even bigger congratulations to those who placed!


Winner: Emily Lane from Traralgon
1st Runner Up: Erin Lewis from Rockhampton
2nd Runner Up: Kira Prouse from Ballarat

Winner: Taz Reuel from Warrnambool
1st Runner Up: Amanda Shalders from Ballarat
2nd Runner Up: Bulda from Traralgon

Winner: Till from Warrnambool
1st Runner Up: Lauren Jebramek-Miller from Ballarat
2nd Runner Up: Alyssa Tyrell from Rockhampton

Winner: Armali from Warrnambool
1st Runner Up: Chloe from Warrnambool
2nd Runner Up: Lani from Ballarat

Winner: Bonnie & Mollie from Warrnambool
1st Runner Up: Hayley & Elie from Bendigo
2nd Runner Up: Symmetry from Hervey Bay

Winner: Steven Cragg from Gladstone
1st Runner Up: Alex from Geelong
2nd Runner Up: Felix from Bendigo


Winner: Ange Gourley – Gladstone
1st Runner Up: Michaela Toohey – Rockhampton
2nd Runner Up: Rachel Burt – Werribee

Winner: Jessica Ormeno – Geelong
1st Runner Up: Lorisa – Werribee
2nd Runner Up: Medusa – Geelong

Winner: Bethany Tyler – Werribee
1st Runner Up: Gabbi – Albury
2nd Runner Up: Natasha Jol – Bendigo

Look out on the Physipole Studios YouTube to see all the videos of the competitors! Again, congrats to everyone and we can’t wait to see what next years Ignite brings!

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