Poling for just over a year, Hayley Borg has come a long way from where she started.

Coming into PhysiPole, Hayley was struggling with her weight and lacked self-confidence due to the negative energy around her.

“I was in a bad part of my life with my weight. I wasn’t happy with how I felt or how I looked. I could hear people calling me ‘fat’ so I decided to fix myself and get fit,” Hayley said.

Looking for a way to turn herself around, she attended a Try Before You Buy class at the Ballarat studio. Immediately after the class, she signed up for Level 1 for the following term and hasn’t looked back since.

In fact, since joining the PhysiFamily, not only has Hayley lost eight kilos and gained muscle, but her confidence and mindset have improved.

“I’m more confident and more willing to give things a try; I’ve started going to Late Night Sexy because I feel that I can do it now,” she said.

While outside influences may have pushed her to give pole a go, the gains she has made and the goals she has set for herself is what keeps her going now.

“I finally got my invert! I’ve been trying so long to do it, and I got it this term.”

A year from now, Hayley plans on training for Ignite and hopes to continue with her weight loss. She’s also taking part in the PhysiPole Body Transformation Challenge this year, which she credits with helping her to stay motived and stay on track.

“All of the advice and goals from the Facebook group really help. It’s really helpful just to have that support network.”

The best piece of advice she can give to anyone in a similar position? “Don’t compare yourself to others around you who are getting it,” she said, “just keep trying to get it… and go to practice!”

Written by Rhiannon Veness

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