Are you beginning our pole or aerial classes soon? As much as you are bursting with excitement, you most likely have a few questions too! We answer all of your questions below.

What do I wear?

Pole Dance Classes:

It’s important to wear clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move. Shorts or leggings are appropriate for the first few classes but as you progress further you’ll need to use your legs to grip and this is when shorts are better. A sports bra/top is perfect to wear with either a singlet or t-shirt.
You can pole barefoot or in heels. Heels are not compulsory however feel free to bring along your most sparkly pair! We recommend heels with an ankle strap (so they don't fly off) and avoid fabrics such as velvet as they will make you slip. Please do not wear heels with large buckles or detailing on top of the shoe as they will scratch the poles (& get ruined in return).

Aerial hoop or silks classes:

Please wear full length leggings made from cotton or polyester. Do not wear skins or 2XU. We stock suitable leggings at the studio if you would like to buy some when you come in. Wear a sports bra/crop & a fitted singlet or t-shirt. This will help avoiding burns caused by friction with the fabric or hoop.

What do I bring?

• Water bottle
• Small gym towel
• High heels and/or runners
• Hand grips to avoid sweaty palms (available to purchase from the studio)
• Lot of energy!! (If you need a boost, we also sell Protein Balls at the studio!)

Before your class:

Please remove all jewellery before each class (rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces) and leave it at home. The poles/silks/hoops will damage your jewellery and your jewellery will damage our equipment. We are not responsible for any lost jewellery at the studio. Do not wear any moisteriser or body lotion on your hands or body (especially legs). Sweating will release the lotion to the surface of your skin & make you slippery!

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Please see some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions please feel free to contact your studio for a chat on 1800 PHYSIPOLE

How early should I get to my first class?

Please try to get to the studio 10-15 minutes early to fill in the new student forms, complete our waiver and policy agreements and follow up any questions you may have prior to starting.

What is the difference between Spin and Static?

Spin pole is where the pole spins around and you hold shapes while you spin around, static classes are where the pole is stationary and you create your spin and movement around the pole. Both are great to build strength, coordination and self confidence and with our level system picking either will give you the start and skills to see your fitness journey progress

Can a friend watch my class?

For the comfort of all students we don’t allow anyone to watch our pole or aerial classes (BUT IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR THEM TO JOIN!) However you are welcome to bring people to see our end of term showcase which is an optional performance at the end of Term 3 and 6 so family and friends can see your awesome new skills!!

What if I don’t want to wear shorts to pole classes?

Shorts aren’t necessary in the first couple of weeks of the beginner course, but in the following weeks you’ll start to grip the pole with your legs when you climb etc. and leggings or long pants will make this difficult. We sell pole appropriate shorts at the studio (some are in high-waisted styles too!)

Do I need a dance or fitness background?

No you don’t! You will learn everything you need to know at our classes. Our beginner courses are designed so that anyone can start!

I have no upper body strength, will that be a problem?

It is not a problem. Our job is to get you stronger quickly. We will teach you everything you need to know on how to become stronger in your upper body, core and all over body fitness.

When is payment due?

For our term classes your full term fee must be paid by your first lesson via cash or card, we do offer humm payment plans! This is a direct debit no interest payment plan that will take payments out over 4 fortnights or 8 weekly classes. Visit shophumm.com.au for more info or contact your local studio.


Read what our current students have to say!

  • The only kind of exercise regime that makes me want to go back week after week. Love the girls there! Not gonna stop!!!
    Bridget, Gladstone
  • This is now one of my new favourite places! I love doing aerials 😍the teachers are amazing and are very flexible and understanding of each individuals abilities. I highly recommend physipole if your looking for a new hobby or just to have some fun!
    Bec, Warrnambool
  • Narelle is an awesome teacher! She is very patient and great at explaining the tricks and combos you learn in class. We also have a strengthening and stretch session at the end of the class! If you want fun in fitness and great results with supportive people, you will find it at this studio!
    Cath, Carlton
  • With having a back injury I lost a lot of strength over the past few years and I was looking for something to help me build my strength and fitness, and when I was handed a flyer for Physipole Studio in Craigieburn I jumped at the opportunity and I have to say I have never built strength so quick in my life and I have done both gym and yoga before and pole dancing has been by far more fun and improved my fitness 10 fold. All of the instructors are so wonderful and supportive and help you to do things you never though in your wildest dreams you could do! I could never have imagined a more beautiful community of woman to be involved with.
    Lana, Craigieburn
  • Love this place. Charlie and the whole crew are so inspiring. I love love love the bootcamp. Such a great group. Highly recommend
    Victoria, Bendigo
  • Started my first class tonight! No pole experience.....had an awesome time. Very fun and friendly class
    Renee, Albury
  • Love it, never boring and loads of fun and laughs while getting fit. I look forward to Jade's classes every week highly recommend PhysiPole
    Jess, Hervey Bay
  • I naturally was hesitant at first but I'm so glad I gave this a try! I'm stronger, fitter, more confident and have made some new friends. Pole has given me the boost I desperately needed in my life. And it's super fun! Everyone is friendly, our instructor Danielle is amazing, and the atmosphere is welcoming. I enjoy these classes so much that I'm always looking forward to my next class and am always sad and wanting more when they end. What more could you ask for?
    Sofia, Werribee
  • Love the place and people, such a great atmosphere and so much fun to do!
    Shaelyn, Werribee
  • I've dabbled in pole, silks, my new fave hoop, and some dance classes here. I started off feeling self conscious, thinking I might be judged, and that I wouldn't be able to do the amazing things I saw other women do. Now I know what I'm capable of and get so excited to push myself to the limits in every class!! If you've ever considered giving aerial fitness a go, do it. No more "I can't do that", "I'm not strong enough", "I'm not as good as her"!! The instructors are amazing encouraging and friendly, and I have them to thank for so much of my self confidence and new appreciation for what my body can do!
    Rose, Traralgon
  • Absolutely loving my time so far at Physipole! I started mixed aerials as i have always been interested and wanted to give it ago! Thinking i wouldnt have the strength or the flexibility and that i would fail. But with practice and great coaching I've been able to show myself i am capable of anything as long as i believe i can do it! Such a fun and supportive environment. I am well and truly addicted!
    Georgia, Traralgon
  • QLD you are lucky to have Robyn, she has been the most amazing teacher I have ever had, she taught me to be strong and pushed me to get there, she has a way of bringing out the best part of you which stays hidden. Even though you are sore the next day from the workout she gives you, all you want is to go back and do it again. To anyone thinking of taking classes at Robyns new studio...DO IT! It will be the best decision you make all year.
    Emily, Rockhampton
  • Great vibe as soon as you walk through those doors. Having no experience, to now completed L1 Static and have the confidence to pull off some of the basic skills. What a rush that feeling is. Thank you ladies bring on L2 Static and L1 Aerial
    Suzanne, Ballarat
  • Our netball trip group had the most fun time at PhysiPole Studios on the weekend. Couldn't recommend them more highly. Thanks Talanna!
    Kimberley, Geelong
  • I have been to several pole studios across the world. This is a highly professional, friendly and well-equipped studio. I was blown away by the room where I take aerial silks as it has a beautiful forest wallpaper and ivy all over the ceiling! It is such a fun space. Their courses are excellent value for 8 weeks. The staff are so motivating and skilful that they will inspire you every minute of your session. Nice touches like changing rooms and toiletries show they have really thought of everything. Give them a try!-
    Kate, Ballarat
  • After finishing level 1 of pole, I was super keen to try different things especially hoops class but unfortunately there were no beginner classes running at a time that suited me. It doesnt end there, the girls as the studio over the space of 3 days made a class happen at a time that suited me.. from someone who never thought they would ever try something like this, especially post baby. Thanks for showing me exercise can not only be fun but supportive too.
    Kylie, Ballarat