Casual Classes

Casual Classes

Our Casual Classes are the best way to compliment your strength, flexibility and dance skills used in your pole and aerial courses! From Aerial Power Hour, to Booty, from Stretch to Boudoir there is really something for every skill level and every workout goal
Casual classes cost $15-25 each visit. You must book as spaces are limited and these are also 1 hour long. (Please note these casual classes DO NOT include what is learnt in a course (eg. pole spins and tricks).


Ever wanted to learn how to handstand, cartwheel or even do rolls? This casual class is for you! The class will be catered for your current level teaching you various balances, rolls, and tumbling type tricks, we can start at the very basics and work up to more advanced skills if you have already mastered the basics

Aerial Power Hour

As the name suggests, you will be put through your paces building up your strength on the aerial equipment designed specifically for students in aerial classes. It will help condition your hands and make tricks easier as well as give you more control.

Boogie Bounce

The Boogie Bounce Xtreme programme is FAB, FUN, FUNKY AND FAT BURNING. It is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, choreographed to chart topping inspiring music which includes an extremely effective cardio section, and a really powerful bums, tums and thighs section too! Every muscle in the body is worked. EVEN THE FACIAL MUSCLES!


WORK IT! This class is designed to work on that Booty! Learn a fun upbeat dance routine then finish the class off with exercises that will sculpt your booty! No dance experience required, great way to help boost your self confidence and gain extra strength all at the same time


Find your inner self confidence and be comfortable in your own skin, we help you explore movements to make you feel empowered and sensual, Boudior is a very different style of dance class. It allows your body to feel and move to the music in a way that feels natural and allows you to explore a more sensual side in a dimly lit room.
You will learn a series of dance techniques and be will be able to string them together in a way that fells comfortable to you through a series of freestyle games.
Boudior is an encouraging judgement free space space where you can discover your inner passions. Absolutely no experience required

Express Abs

Give your abs a blast in this 30 minute class!!! Designed to build up and tone muscles in your abdominals with various exercises. Great for any level and non pole students that want to gain a stronger core and gain more control

Hammock Flow

With a calm and peaceful vibe from the moment you begin, you will spend the hour activating and stretching your body while enjoying fun shapes and positions in the hammock. This class allows you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated while improving body awareness. No experience required! This class is open to all, and runs casually for just $25 per visit. Small class sizes mean very limited spaces available so please book in advance.

Just Dance

Come and learn a different dance style every week! Could be anything from Hip Hop, Jazz, Booty, Contemporary the list goes on!! You do not need any prior dance experience to join in is lots of fun great for coordination and cardio fitness!:

Late Night Sexy

Come get your sexy on and boost your self confidence in this dance class. Learn a new routine every week and you will leave feeling fit and fab with some new sexy moves up your sleeve. Heels are optional: wear what you feel good in, suitable for anyone!

Lyrical Flow

Dance your heart out and all your troubles away in this hour dance class, you don't need any dance experience as you can make the dance your own with your own personality and style


Keep track of your fitness progress by coming to this class and completing fitness tests in strength, cardio and flexibility! Great motivation and encouragement doing this with your PhysiFam!!

PhysiFit Shoulders

Our new course series of PhysiFit will concentrate on control and conditioning focusing on various parts of the body this one focuses on your shoulders. Learn how to use all your shoulder muscles and strengthen them perfect for anyone no need to be a current course student, this class is perfect for anyone struggling with upper body strength, handsprings, chinese grip tricks etc.

Pole Power Hour

It's only an hour! You may hate us in the moment for this one but we guarantee you'll thank us later! One whole hour of building strength through pull us, tucks, straddles and all the other fun things that will turn you into a powerhouse on the pole! Suitable for all levels


Help increase your flexibility in all areas of your body with our stretch classes designed to suit any current level of flexibility. Also great to help joint mobility and make those flexible moves magnificent!