Casual Classes

Our Casual Classes are the best way to compliment your strength, flexibility and dance skills used in your pole and aerial courses! From Aerial Power Hour, to Booty, from Stretch to Boudoir there is really something for every skill level and every workout goal.

Casual classes cost $15-25 each visit dependant on location. You must book as spaces are limited (Please note these casual classes DO NOT include what is learnt in a course (eg. pole spins and tricks).

Dance Classes

Attend one of our dance classes this week! You do not need any previous dance experience to attend any of our dance classes just an attitude to give it a go!

We have classes that will cover styles from Hip Hop, Jazz, Booty, Contemporary the list goes on!! Improve your coordination and cardio fitness with a dance class and have fun.

Stretch Classes

Help increase your flexibility in all areas of your body with our stretch classes designed to suit any current level of flexibility. We have specific classes to target certain areas or overall classes, all classes will help joint mobility and make those flexible moves magnificent!

Hammock Flow

Strength Classes

We have such a large range of strength classes some focusing on certain body areas others are a all over body work to keep those muscles toned and strong.

All classes will be adjusted to suit your current fitness level to make sure the class is achievable but challenging to keep up those muscle increases.

PhysiFit Shoulders

Other Classes

We have a range of other style casual classes that are fun and all have great benefits to them, why not try them all out see which one is your favourite.

Boogie Bounce