Rebecca B

Everyone has a story….. This is mine:
Like most woman I can say I have never been happy with my body – After the birth of my 2nd child my weight would go up and down until one day and I don’t know how it happened, I tipped the scales at 110kgs and that tipped me over the edge. I was obese and like a switch had been flicked I wanted to change forever, drastic action needed to be taken – no more fad diets or ½ hearted walks around the block. I’m all in and trip to the doctor talked about my options. Armed with some new and daunting information I sat with my husband (who loves me at any size I must say) and could see this was it for me. He took my hand and said, what’s our next step xoxox
With my husband, our 2 boys , family and friends’ full support, our lifestyle changed. Long story short today I weigh in at 66kgs the happiest and healthiest I have ever been – controlled diet – gym – personal trainers – walking buddy – fun challenges with mates like Tough Mudder – 10km fun runs etc and last year I rewarded myself with a surgery to remove excess skin (tummy tuck ).
The big question how did I get into pole?
My goal to be 65kgs happy & healthy I can taste it but like all goals when you work so hard to get them it leaves you wanting more and you allow yourself the luxury to aim higher – my new goal is to be 65kgs happy healthy strong and dare I say it, muscle definition. Not over the top but some nice lines lol A holiday in Thailand on a night in Bangla Road, I found myself in awe of the talent, the strength and the control in poledancers and what started out as a big joke landed me in a Physipole class in Hervey Bay – I am shocked!
And to my surprise it has ticked all the boxes I was looking for • Time out just for me • A class to attend each week – out of my comfort zone and to try something different • Sculpt my body – but not in a gym • I wanted something fun and not repetitive • Social experience • To be more confident and love the skin I’m in
I am only level 2 pole and also attend a strength class each week. I can’t believe how far myself and class mates have come – we all travel over 25mins to class from the same town – with a carpool system now in place we have quite the social event. If I am one step closer to a 6 pack I would have to say the amount of laughing has to contribute! My favorite day of the week is Wednesday! Big Thank you for the professional dedicated staff, online support, fun environment & class mates. I recommend this class to any shape, size or gender. It is a personal journey – enjoy life – try something new xoxo Favorite trick would have to be anything upside down lol – At the moment upside down crucifix.

Sophie K

I started pole about 4 and a half months ago which was a joint decision from my mother and I. I have always struggled with my weight (being more on the skinny side) hence why I decided to partake in pole hoping I would build some muscle. I really enjoy pole as it is a good way to exercise without you necessarily feeling like you are exercising, and keeps you motivated as you can set goals for yourself to nail a certain trick! My favorite tricks are the Straddle, Butterfly and Outside Leg Hang. My pole goals for the year are to invest in my own pole so I can do more training, go to more practice sessions and improve on all tricks!

Lyn D

I’ve been pole dancing since Physipole’s Ballarat Studio opened in May 2010. I started in the very first class on the Monday night at 7pm. My friend at work read an add in the local paper and as she knew I had an interest in Pole – she couldn’t wait to tell me about Physipole starting classes in Ballarat. I rang Kristy while I was at work as I was so excited and didn’t want to miss out.
I guess my biggest pole achievement was being able to pursue such an active sport at a mature age (nearly 56yrs old). I never thought I could ever mount/or climb a pole let alone being able to straddle or shoulder dismount etc, as well as progressing through the levels (as a serial repeater) and the self confidence it has given me. The things I like the most about the classes at Ballarat Studio is the friendly, non judgemental, safe and supportive environment (both students and teachers) and the well structured syllabus. Not to mention, being a mature age student the encouragement and friendliness displayed to me is absolutely fabulous. Being in classes with the younger girls is a great feeling, and makes me feel younger!
Pole has increased my strength, flexibility and my over all fitness level. I even did a pole routine at my 60th birthday party in 2014!! My long term goal is to do another routine at my 70th birthday. My goals for 2016 are to:
– keep working on my strength and maintaining good health and enjoyment
– continue to participate in the Pole Spin Class and be able to improve my skills level and the speed to which I can do it
– to continue being a part of the Pole community.
– to commence the Aerial Silks program
– to improve my Twerking
– to have a go at Boudoir
And to be the coolest Great Nan Pole Dancer!!

Lilly B

I’ve been doing pole dancing classes for about 4 months now. I just finished level 2 and I’m starting level 3 this week! The reason I started taking classes at Physipole was because of my sister- she’s three levels above me and always told me how good it was so I thought I’d try it out with a couple of mates and I’m glad I did! My biggest achievement with pole dancing is probably building up more strength and being able to climb because I struggled with it at the beginning. My pole goals for 2016 are to pass all my level assessments with my friends and just have fun like I always do!
The part I love most about my classes at Physipole is the vibe that everyone gives out – there is no judgement and its just a fun and healthy environment to be in

Emily P

This will be my third term with Physipole Studios Albury and I couldn’t love it more! My best friend was the reason for me starting pole. She asked me to join her in classes when the Albury Studio opened in August 2015. Since then I’ve been pretty much addicted!
I had tried pole briefly in the past with other pole studios, as well as Adrenaline Academy of Dance who I also danced with for a number of years when I was younger. The reason I love pole so much is because it’s such a fun, positive & supportive environment. Even if you don’t get the moves right away, everyone is always cheering for you to get it the next time. It’s a sport that challenges you and is welcome to people of all ages, sizes and strengths. But the part that has me addicted is the sense of accomplishment you feel when you nail that move you’ve been working on for ages.
I have 2 favourite tricks at the moment which are the Crab & the Outside Leg Hang. But my goal is to one day nail a Jade Split & Bondage Split.