Our Classes

Pole Dancing Courses

A great workout and a lot of fun! These courses include spins and aerial tricks, each class you'll learn new tricks as your fitness, strength and flexibility increases so does the level of the workout! Choose between Static classes where the pole is stationary and you create your own momentum or Spin class where the pole spins and you work yourself holding positions or why not do both!

Classes are 1 person per pole
$220 for 8 weeks, 1 hour per week.

Aerial Hoop Courses

If you wanted to join the circus when you were a kid then this is the course for you! Enjoy learning fun tricks that includes spins, holding shapes flex and strength moves on an aerial hoop while getting a workout at the same time! We have various sized hoops and different heights to suit all students, you do not need to start nice and high. Wear your leggings in this class with a comfy shirt

Classes are privates only
$220 for 8 weeks, 1 hour per week

Aerial Silks Courses

A fantastic art form, learn fun tricks, shapes and drops in this amazing aerial course. You will gain grip strength, body control, coordination and flexibility start building all this is in level 1 and work your way up the levels as you go. Wear your leggings in this class with a tight fitting shirt so you stay nice and comfy

Classes are 1 person per Silk
$220 for 8 weeks, 1 hour per week

Our Studio

Meet our teaching team!

All PhysiPole teachers are internationally accredited pole dance and fitness instructors. Our instructors are all incredibly friendly and can't wait to share their passion for pole with you!

Studio Owner

Kimberley Day

Studio Owner

Kimberley started her pole journey back in 2013, with no prior dance background. She started attending PhysiPole to try something new and gain core strength and fell in love with it. Her passion quickly grew from one class a week to attending the studio several times a week, branching into aerial classes and casual classes such as boudoir.

With her new found passion she’s lost 40kg, and gained a massive amount of confidence which lead to her performing regularly in showcases. Pole dancing has become a very important part of Kimberley’s everyday life.

Kimberley is also the very proud owner of PhysiPole Pakenham. After an amazing 18 months of building up PhysiPole Gladstone, she made the difficult decision to sell Gladstone to franchisee Robyn, so she could open a studio closer to home.

PhysiPole has opened many avenues and thoroughly nurtured Kimberley's passion for the industry and her students. It has helped her develop and grow into and even more passionate and confidant business woman and instructor.

After taking some time away from pole dancing while pregnant and having her first son, Kimberley is now jumping back into classes hoping to regain her fitness and get to know her students while being a student herself, and of course teaching dance and strength classes.

Her goals now focus around building the best possible environment to help her students learn, grow and become their own success stories.