Having come from another studio, Che Hubbard wasn’t a pole novice when she joined the Physifam, but was looking for a nicer experience than she had had previously. Despite loving the level one course she took at a studio in Brisbane, the cost and not clicking with any of the students or instructors meant pole fell by the wayside.

The combination of missing pole and driving by the Hervey Bay studio every day lead Che to a Try Before you Buy class earlier this year and right away, she could tell PhysiPole was different experience. Now, Che is completing level four and is looking forward to learning spin pole and competing in Ignite next year.

“I’m starting to get really, really addicted. I’m throwing myself into more practices, and I’m starting to attend casuals; I want to be in the studio as much as possible,” Che said

Che views pole as much more than just a way to keep fit – it’s a way to feel empowered and express yourself while connecting us with who we are and where we want to go in life.

“It felt feminine, but it also felt powerful, which is something that I always wanted to connect to, and pole really gives me that. It’s delicate, and it’s sexy, but it’s not weak. You’re in control, and I like that,” Che said.

Pole is also a creative outlet for Che, allowing her to incorporate her love of fashion and new-found addiction. She has a degree in animation and works as a graphic designer, which she hopes will help her merge her love of alternative fashion and pole by creating her own pole wear.

While pole has turned into something much more than just a way to keep fit for Che, she says the most important part about it is to just have fun!

“Don’t put any pressure on yourself and always put fun above everything else. Just do what’s fun, and it will naturally take you where you’re meant to be.”

Written by Rhiannon Veness

With a passion for fashion, pole helps the creative juices flow with Che from Hervey Bay