All the highest scoring competitors and wild cards from 17 studio heats, went on to compete at the PhysiPole Ignite Finals, held in person at Thornbury Theatre for the first time in three years, and for the first time ever over three days of competition!

Every competitor put their heart and soul into their routines, we congratulate every who competed, and an extra congrats to our incredible winners! We can’t wait to see what you all do next!

Beginner Aerials:
Winner – Hayley Michelle, Somerton Park
1st Runner Up – Emily, Gladstone
2nd Runner Up – Pixie LaMinx, Somerton Park

Intermediate Aerials:
Winner – Hoop Daddy, Traralgon
1st Runner Up – Paris, Warrnambool
2nd Runner Up – Luxy, Albury

Advanced Aerials:
Winner – Black Widow, Canberra
1st Runner Up – Cat M, Pakenham
2nd Runner Up – Kristy, Sunshine Coast

Semi Pro Aerials:
Winner – Lily, Warrnambool
1st Runner Up – Grace, Hervey Bay
2nd Runner Up – Amanda, Sunshine Coast

Beginner Pole:
Winner – Heidi, Canberra
1st Runner Up – Kenz, Werribee
2nd Runner Up – Claudia, Yarraville

Intermediate Pole:
Winner – Meg, Warrnambool
1st Runner Up – Megan Jane, Canberra
2nd Runner Up – Yaz, Albury

Advanced Pole:
Winner – Pole Baby, Sunshine Coast
1st Runner Up – Bree, Werribee
2nd Runner Up – Bambi, Albury

Semi Pro Pole:
Winner – Laura Elise, Traralon
1st Runner Up – Khilea, Gladstone
2nd Runner Up – The Poling Pin Up, Grovedale

Juniors Beginner:
Winner – Ariana, Traralgon
1st Runner Up – Maisie, Warrnambool
2nd Runner Up – Mia, Warrnambool

Juniors Intermediate:
Winner – Molly Rose, Warrnambool
1st Runner Up – Bonnie Moon, Warrnambool
2nd Runner Up – Zai, Sunshine Coast

Juniors Advanced:
Winner – Amarli Jade, Warrnambool
1st Runner Up – Lola, Warrnambool
2nd Runner Up – Issy, Warrnambool

Winner – Lola and Savannah, Warrnambool
1st Runner Up – Amarli & Issy, Warrnambool
2nd Runner Up – Divergent Duo, Gladstone

We announced some other award winners over the course of our competition too!

Instructor of the Year Lauren representing PhysiPole Studios Ballarat

Instructor Determination Award Ange representing PhysiPole Studios Gladstone

Instructor Dedication Award Emily representing PhysiPole Studios Grovedale

Instructor Pride Award Beatrice representing PhysiPole Studios Canberra

Student of the Year Caroline representing PhysiPole Studios Somerton Park

Student of the Year – Youth Mia representing PhysiPole Studios Warrnambool

Studio of the Year PhysiPole Studios Traralgon