Image: 2019 Valentine’s Day place winners, Warrnambool studio competitors

The PhysiPole Valentine’s Day Competition is notorious for providing students with the opportunity to unleash their inner SEXY! For all of those Cleopatra’s out there, this competition is the perfect way to combine your sass with your favourite pole moves – body rolls, heels clacks and booty shakes – in a fun, flirty and creative environment.

Held throughout February, the 2019 PhysiPole Valentine’s Day Competition was of no exception to this. Students from studios across Australia battled it out over two intense weekends in Warrnambool, Werribee, Rockhampton and Bendigo to be crowned into one of the sexiest Halls of Fame known to man and pole kind.

Despite being a jam-packed few weeks leading up to competition day, we managed to chat to some of our competitors to gain insight into what’s involved in preparing for the Valentine’s Day Competition and how students go about creating the perfect routine.

We took the time to speak to PhysiPole Grovedale regular, Jane Bailey, who not only competed in this years Valentine’s Day Competition in the singles division, but also placed 1st Runner Up with her doubles routine in Warrnambool. Having entered the competition to push herself beyond the boundaries of her comfort zone, Jane was both nervous and excited to channel her inner GODDESS. Jane and her partner, Mel, form the doubles act “Serendipity” and decided to perform their routine in a lyrical style to be “more sensual rather than out-right sexy.” Jane believes that the best part about participating in the 2019 Valentine’s Day Competition was the time she was able to spend with Mel, particularly during some of PhysiPole’s awesome doubles workshops. Jane says that once her and Mel were able to overcome the hurdle of actually getting started on their competition routine, they were able to easily bounce ideas off of each other throughout the choreography process.

Image: Serendipity (Jane Bailey and Melissa Nayda)


For students that are new to the competition scene, here are Jane’s top three competition tips:

Just do it! The Physifam will help you through the process of competing in your first comp
Pick a song you love because you will listen to it lots and lots
Think about the practicalities of props and costumes when you are doing your choreograph

Like all of PhysiPole’s competitions, the Valentine’s Day Competition is a fun and flirty way to express yourself. When it comes to competing, the sky is the limit! Use your competition routine to learn and challenge yourself in ways never before experienced, all while making new friends and having a laugh!

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Winner: Tash
1st Runner Up: Brandii V
2nd Runner Up: Nin


Winner: “V”
1st Runner Up: Alyssa
2nd Runner Up: Cass


Winner: Ebony
1st Runner Up: Emily Cole
2nd Runner Up: Columbia
Doubles Winner: Caz and Steph
1st Runner Up: Serendipity


Winner: Rebecka
1st Runner Up: Emily Martignago
2nd Runner Up: Rachel

Written by Emily Cole

The results from Valentine’s Competitions 2019 and some comp advice from Emily Cole.