Pole dancing just wouldn’t be the same without the shoes. Tall, shiny, eye-catching shoes. Pleaser has a range of shoes made just for pole dancers. They come in every colour you can imagine, with glitter, diamantes, stars, chrome and some that even glow in the dark. My personal pair are shiny black leather with diamantes all over the heels. At first I was worried that the diamantes would fall off, but they are surprisingly tough.

Pleaser make their shoes wider to provide more support and stability while moving. They also have a higher platform in the front so they aren’t too steep. Mine are 8 inches tall but they are very easy to walk in. The shoes come with or without ankle straps. I prefer ankle straps because they feel more secure, and they have the added benefit of helping you climb the pole.

For the brave and the committed, Pleaser also have a range of pole boots. These come in every length from ankle height to mid-thigh. They look pretty awesome and are great if you are looking for something a bit different. Keep an eye out too for the new snakeskin print high heels!

Written by Larissa

Your local PhysiPole Studios can order in any Pleaser you are after and we even price match with any Australian supplier! Scroll through the many options on pleaserusa.com and send your studio a screenshot of the shoe you are after in the size and colour.

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