Thought about starting pole and wondering with those pole shorts do you wear underwear? Don’t worry you are not alone this is a very common question but not often talked about.

We are here to bring you all the answers! Short answer is yes underwear is worn under your pole shorts to keep everything in place and to be hygienic. Now I am sure you are asking what kind of underwear do you wear so you can’t see them?

Like undies pole shorts come in all shapes and sizes, you will find as you progress through pole your shorts slowly start to shrink as you need more skin grip for skills and your self-confidence grows.


The pole shorts you will start class in which is generally bike shorts or gym short length will hide your normal underwear, briefs. When you upgrade to pole shorts that are more like briefs you can get away with brazil cut underwear which is a little cheekier on your booty.


Once you upgrade to a cheekier pole short, brazil cuts may sneak out, so you are best then to wear a g string. This is a quite common option for most regular polers. You may think that exercising in a g string could be uncomfortable but not if you wear the right ones! Some of the cheaper seam free styles do not help hold anything in and can slip into places they shouldn’t definitely making them uncomfortable – not to say all cheap options should be avoided but the fit and elasticity is certainly something to consider.

We have asked around our franchisees and instructors to get the best undie recommendations for you!



  1. K-Mart G-Strings: seam-free, cotton, lace they have it all and they all fit nicely under your pole shorts and they are the longest lasting. These are also probably the most cost-effective and seem to be the most popular across our physifam.

Check them out here: 4 Pack Cotton Stretch G-String Briefs | Kmart

  1. Victoria Secret Seam Free G-Strings: Spoil yourself a little with a pair of Victoria Secret underwear these are our very own Kristy Sellar’s preferred choice for under her pole shorts. A large range of prints and designs to suit your style.

Check them out here: Sexy Thongs & V-String Panties – Victoria’s Secret

  1. Brazil Cut Underwear: if you just can’t bring yourself to wear a G-String then some brazil cuts you could look at:

Brazilian Bikini | Cheeky Cut – Kayser Lingerie

Brazilian Panties – Victoria’s Secret


What do you do if you wear underwear as your costume?

Recommend wearing a seamless nude colour g string so it is invisible underneath the underwear, if that is not possible and are worried about having a lip slip you may need to do a Foni Fanny.

What is a Foni Fanny

This is a technique created by Australian Pole legend Fontaine Bradbury so you can stress less about your pole bottoms moving as if they do nothing will be on display. It involves using sports tape to tape everything in, it is not so bad putting it on but you will need to brace yourself removing it. You will need to time this well and not do it too early as you are someone suffers from nervous wees this is not going to help!

Can you go commando?

It is entirely what you are comfortable with, if you feel this is your most comfortable option for you then do it, some do for competitions as if you do have a little slip on a stage with the lights and distance audience normally sit they most likely will not notice. It is a little different going commando for a pole class just think about how much you might sweat and the pole shorts you are planning to wear.


As instructors we have seen slips happen no need to be embarrassed just adjust yourself and if you don’t want it to happen again maybe check what type of underwear or pole shorts you are wearing. If you have the wrong underwear on rushing from work to class and didn’t pack others don’t stress it is only material.


We hope you enjoyed this info keep an eye out for a relating podcast episode on ‘Let’s Get PhysiPole’. Comment any other questions you have below and we will do our best to answer.

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