🗣 Tuesday Tips with Lauren Jebramek-Miller

Name: Lauren Jebramek-Miller

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Ballarat

Time Instructing: 2 years

Expertise: Dance & Performance/Comp Prep

Favourite Trick: Aerial Handspring, Swing to Straddle & anything involving drops 😛


Train in Performance Mode

When training for a routine do you just go through the motions or do you really think about what you’re doing & WHY you’re doing it? Once you have your music & concept don’t forget about the most important thing! The PERFORMANCE of it all! Coming from a competitive dance background too many times I’ve seen performances that could be amazing but the competitor isn’t connected in their performance or engaging the audience, they are simply doing what they’ve been told/taught to do & have put a nice smile on their face that doesn’t connect with the audience or most importantly the judges.

Some tips I have for you:


Listen to your music, close your eyes & feel it, if you have done the choreography yourself you should be able to really connect with what you are doing. If someone else has done it for you, train it to make it your own! Never stop listening to your music you need to know it!


This is a BIG part of telling your story/concept & bringing it to life! Look at your audience bring them into your world & make them feel what your feeling so they understand your story/concept, never do a run through without using your face!


Use the mirrors to know what you’re going to do with your facial expressions & also how certain moves look, put your music on, do your routine just using your face & watch what you do in the mirror (this can be done at home).


Get people in to watch, this is your chance to showcase what you have & it’s a great opportunity to get feedback from different people on what you need to work on & what is looking good. Never pass up an opportunity to perform in front of anyone!

Lauren is no stranger to the stage and shares with us her comp preparation