Sleigh the Halls

PhysiPole Studios Salisbury is proud to present
Sleigh the Halls!

This competition is open to anyone, you do not need to be a PhysiPole Student to enter. Divisions include pole, floor, and groups.

Find all the relevant information below to get your entries in!

26th September – 2nd October 2022

26th November 2022

PhysiPole Studios Salisbury
2/623 Toohey Road, Salisbury QLD


Rules & Regulations


– You must enter the division that corresponds to you, as of the date of entry.
– All entrants must submit their entry via the linked entry form.
– Entry fee is $35. The fee must be paid to complete entry.
– You may enter one or more divisions, but entry fee must be paid per division.
– All identities are welcome to enter.
– Participants do not need to be a PhysiPole student.
– No entries will be accepted after the entry dates listed on the website.
– Music must be submitted at time of entry.
– If you have selected the same song as another competitor, the first one that submitted their entry will get to keep that song and the other competitor will be required to change songs.
– Any queries about your entries should be directed to the competition organisers.
– Successful applicants will be advised via email and also posted on the Sleigh The Halls Instagram page (@sleighthehallspolecomp) after the entry closing date.


– Performances must be between 2.5 – 3 minutes in length for amateurs and 3 – 4 minutes in length for semi-pro, pro and groups. These time limits apply to both pole and floor routines.
– A layout of the stage space and apparatus information will be provided to competitors.
– Pole performers will have the option of using 1 pole (spin or static) or 2 poles (static stage right, spin stage left). This must be nominated at entry.
– Groups competitors may use 0 or 2 poles. If using poles, groups competitors may choose whether to have both static or both spin.


– Performers are permitted to use props, sets, costuming, sound effects, performance apparatus or footwear, provided that:
a) the space allows for it physically; and
b) it can be set up and completely removed in 1 minute or less.
– Back up dancers or human props are permitted but must not be on stage for more than 50% of the routine and must not touch the apparatus, detract from the competitor, or assist in tricks. Human props must hold a valid audience ticket for themselves.
– Any use of the above items should be described in the applicant’s entry.
– The performer may not perform nude or partially nude. G-strings are not permissible.
– No outfit shall make any offensive and/or derogatory references to any religion and/or race.
– The use of grip aids is permitted. Competitors must supply their own.

Judging Criteria

10 points – Choreography
Including musicality, dance/floorwork and staging formation.
Creativity and level of difficulty of floorwork will be judged. Unique transitions and fluidity will account for higher score. The performance is seamless in its transitions between apparatus and dance. Individual movements are well thought out to make sense within the routine.

10 points – Concept/Costumes
Costume and use of any props is well thought out and help to enhance and convey the theme/concept of the routine.

10 points – Skills
Performer displays flexibility and strength throughout the entire routine. Tricks and movements are varied.

10 points – Technicality
Performer demonstrates clean lines, strong posture, and the deliberate creation and execution of aesthetically pleasing shapes within tricks and overall movement.

10 points – Showmanship
Performing with confidence and finesse, engaging the audience throughout the entire routine.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting an entry into the Sleigh The Halls Competition, you fully understand and agree to all Terms & Conditions.

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