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We strive to give you a good range of quality goods right at your fingertips from our PhysiPole Studios Locations! Find the below list of popular brands our locations are stocking and the best thing is if your local studio does not have your size or item you are after we can order it in for you!

Active Creatures

Active Creatures captures the essence of this spirit in a contemporary, fashion-forward collection of clothing for a woman and her pooch. Brand new Active Creatures dog clothing, including jackets, coats and tees. Sizes XXS – XXL. Premium, quality dog clothing fashion and active wear! They are an Australian Company and family owned just like PhysiPole Studios!

Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums aims to keep you practicing in style in our exclusively designed, high performance yoga and activewear whilst keeping your karma clean. Founded in November 2013 by fashion designer and yoga teacher Debbie Lawson who was inspired to take her yoga practice off the mat and take her own small steps towards creating change in the way yoga apparel is made. Her vision is to not only empower the people who wear the product but also those who make it by ensuring the their safety, salary and well being promote a standard of life that encourages happiness and harmony. Dharma Bums insists on an ethical code of conduct from the companies that make the product. Every garment is designed on the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia by a passionate and creative team. Each new design is tried and tested and tested on yogis worldwide to ensure fit and fabric compliment every asana taken.


We want to give you the best range of grips available at our PhysiPole Studios locations so you will always stick to the Pole, we stock Dry Hands, Tite Grip, Mighty Grip, Itac, X Dry and DirtyPoletice

Luna Pole Wear

Founded in 2016, Luna Pole Wear is an online Australian label based Sydney which specialises in flirty, sexy and designer pole wear. We were developed by a home-grown Sydney fashion designer @fionce_ who loves all things pole! @fionce_ is a professional fashion designer by day, and a schmexy pole instructor by night. We strive to create fun, sexy, and durable pole wear for the modern pole dancer – fit for the class and the stage! We make with bra pads in every top, and wide crotches in all our bottoms – girl, we got you covered! Luna Pole Wear is all about feeling sexy in your own skin, radiating confidence and supporting fellow polers! We love our pole community and we will constantly strive to embody the love, the support and the empowerment our community is so famous for. Join us and be a part of the journey to reach full potential in beauty, love and of course… pole dance! Find us on @lunapolewear on instagram and tag us with #lunapolewear.!


Everyone’s favourite Pole Heels! Such a wide range you won’t know which ones to pick! Sensuous. Sexy. Wild. No other adjectives are more fitting to describe the essence of the PLEASER brand of footwear and its extensive range of products. As the ultimate go-to name in sexy shoes, PLEASER has become the standard all others are judged by. Attention to detail, superb craftsmanship, fine materials, innovative designs, unmatched selection, and unbeatable prices have all contributed to PLEASER’s unparalleled success and reputation among sexy shoe aficionados and professional performers alike. Synonymous with sex appeal, PLEASER shoes have graced the covers and editorials of countless fashion and specialty magazines, adorned the feet of well-known celebrities, socialites and pop stars and are featured in numerous Hollywood movies and television shows. Today, PLEASER is indisputably one of the most renowned sexy shoe brands worldwide!


We are a small team, girls just like YOU, made up of friends and family. We love working together and put that same love into fabulous and unique exercise garb just for you. Spandex is our best friend and our addiction to all things cute and sparkly lead us to creating amazing booty shorts, bras and other accessories for our other passion – Pole Dancing. Soon the Pole dancers started talking to the Cheerleaders , who raved to the roller girls and gym junkies and soon the Yoga ladies were Ooming in bright, positive colours. The Yummy Mummies spoke to other Yummy Mummies and soon we were making leggings for their babes and great outfits for their mini me’s. Our workshop is in the burbs of Melbourne. 80% of our products are Australian, Melbourne Made. We try and keep our prices as low and affordable as possible so you can buy lots more cute pieces to wear to Pole, Gym or just hanging around. Our designs are as individual as you are, if you can describe it – we can supply it. Edgy, Bright – a little bizarre – We are Rarr!

Rhapso Designs

Rhapso Designs is an Australian brand for Activewear, Swimwear, Yogawear & Polewear. We strongly believe in creating the best version of yourself. We want to empower women from all around the world with stylish and functional sports apparel which can be worn to the gym, yoga, dance or even casually. We specialize in creating exclusive, sublimation print fabrics, “on trend” bikinis, crop tops, tank tops, shorts, leotards and leggings. We are so fortunate to have a close knit team with over 30 years of experience in retail fashion, manufacturing and trend forecasting so we can keep providing you with fresh new active looks on the regular. Every garment is ethically made in Australia (100% sweat shop free) using a quality, imported European 2-way stretch Lycra; which is moisture wicking, fast drying, breathable, anti-bacterial, & UV resistant.The special fibers draws sweat away from your body while allowing air in to cool your body while you are working out. This is exactly what you need from activewear. So check out our collection of Activewear and Swimwear today!

Sweet Berries

I am the owner and designer of Sweet Berries Clothes. I was born in Europe and moved to Australia not so long ago. Since I remember myself, I was always involved in sport. Like most kids, I got into sport at a very young age and kept training for the fun of it, friendships and to stay in shape. I love exercising, however sometimes I get lazy. At some point I have noticed that since my transition to nice-looking workout clothes, it has made a big difference for my motivation and willingness to exercise. I’m not saying that there are workout clothes that can magically increase my metabolism or give me a six pack, but I do believe in the power of good looking, flattering fitness clothes! My new wardrobe worked as a motivator to get me to the gym! Moreover, I started exploring the sport universe in Australia. I love any type of exercising, pole dance, aerial silks, hoop, yoga, HIIT and basketball. Australia is a holy land for fitness and sport junkies. I wish I had more time to participate in all sports and activities I love. To be efficient with my time, I needed a super ultra-organized sport wardrobe. Wardrobe that will be efficient, versatile and good looking. To my amazement, I found it very hard to find activewear on the market that worked for me. I thought that I am not the only one facing the same dilemma. That’s where I started thinking about my own designs of outfits and placing orders for my custom-made outfit pieces for different types of sports I love! Believe me, your fitness will hit a new level when your workout clothes hug you in all the right places, give you the perfect look and support, and keep you cool and dry during your workout session! Trendy and functional workout clothes can motivate you to work out, and even workout harder! Sweet Berries is here for YOU, to inspire you on your inclusive sport journey, connect you with others and help you look great!


Available in a variety of finishes, X-POLE is available in skinny, medium or wide poles. You can choose from stage poles or multipiece height adjustable sets for home. All poles are manufactured to international standards & are of a professional grade.

What Gravity?

What Gravity? is a small Melbourne based pole dance and aerial wear and bespoke costume designer. All What Gravity? items are handmade with a focus on locally sourcing materials. Liz is the brains and brawn behind What Gravity? and spends her time whipping up sparkly delights. As Liz is rather like a magpie and collects little bits of shiny, all our shorts are limited in number so you can guarantee you won’t be wearing the same as everyone else. ​As an aerialist herself, Liz is uniquely aware of the needs and demands of clothing specifically designed to withstand the effects of gravity and various apparatus. She loves creating custom costumes for competitions, performances and special events. Just send her an email to find out more. Liz teaches and performs aerial hoop, has dabbled in silks, flying trapeze and cube, and pole danced for many years for fun and fitness. She currently performs as one half of aerial duo The Scarlet Ladies.