🗣 Tuesday Tips with Vicki

Name: Vicki McArthur

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Gladstone

Time Instructing:5 years

Expertise: Freestyle

Favourite Trick: Anything Shoulder Mount


10 Tips for Progress

1. There are always results. Regardless of gender, age, weight and flexibility. If you want to dance and practice – you will.
2. Progress is not consistent. Today it does not work, tomorrow it does not work, the day after tomorrow it does not work. In a week – oops ..and you have gone up a level.
3. Even in dancing it is important to switch on your brain. Hands and feet are important too, but real progress is in your HEAD.
4. Do not dwell on one thing. Progress in the dance cannot be assessed with splits, memorized tricks or the number of popular movements.
5. 90% of students already know what do but they don’t do it. Always get feedback from your Instructors, Judges from competitions and use it constructively and put in steps to improve.
6. You always need a side view. Looking in the mirror gives you one angle, always video yourself from another angle, you will be amazed at what you see. Or have a training buddy watch from the side and give you their thoughts.
7. Better at half strength and regularly, than go hard once a month. Do not wait for the time to be perfect, regularity will give you results.
8. You always need a routine. Courses and weekly classes create a training habit, a routine. A routine will become your lifestyle.
9. When it seems to you, that there is no progress, realise that there is. Stop and look again, Hard work ALWAYS gives results. It is important to notice even the slightest change. Pause and reflect on where you have come from.
10. Sometimes in the pursuit of the goal, we miss the path. Take the time to enjoy each class, do not become obsessed with results or the next trick or next comp. Take the time to enjoy the journey and DANCE for your SOUL.

10 tips to help you progress in your training by Vicki.