Competition season is upon us. Whether you are doing an inhouse competition, such as the Ignite Heats, or you are entering a state or interstate competition – no doubt you are feeling the pressure.

Physically, you are pushing your body to its peak performance level. You are probably trying to eat right and fuel your body for the extra energy output you are using. Hopefully, you are listening to your body as well and doing regular massages and physio treatments if needed and not ignoring those niggling twinges whilst training for your competitions.

My competition tips are simple –

Don’t over think
Mentally, we are trying to say focused. Yes, you need to understand what you want to get out of the competition – know what the best outcome for you is and what your goals are. But remember to focus on the now. Turn your brain off in between that repetitive eat, train, sleep cycle. You need to have that mental down time, to help you re-focus for the next day.

Don’t lose focus
Do not get lost in the end goal, the bigger picture. Breath and take each day at a time. Your goal is still there – it’s coming. But focus on the now and each day progressively to steadily make your dreams a reality.

Plan ahead
Tomorrow I do this, the next day, I do this…
The competition is here. You have done everything you can – and if you didn’t, you will know what you can do or change for next time.

The one thing I always remember is there isn’t any difference. If you WIN – awesome, great work, trained hard, performed well. If you didn’t win – awesome, great work, trained hard, performed well… maybe someone else just did a little better than you in some way.

In competition the only true outcome is…

What did you learn from all that time, dedication, prioritisation, organisation, passion and put simply…. blood, sweat and tears? If you can take one thing away with you that you have learned, then you have improved yourself. You are a better, wiser person and pole performer than before you started this journey.

If you focus on LEARNING from every competition, use the feedback, use the critique from the judges proactively towards your training and set new goals for next time. If you aim to put that knowledge into everything you do from that moment on… then you have WON.

Chookas to all our competitors! I would love to hear from you all on what you LEARN…from your competitions.

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