Listen to your Body

It is likely many of you have read how the infamous “Bendy Kate” has recently undergone shoulder surgery and is slowly recovering whilst she has had to put a major part of her career on hold.   I wanted to raise a few points for everyone to think about before, during and after you touch a pole or even aerial apparatus.

Youth is a blessing.   I see so many young polers come to class and “cold” train.    No warm up, and bang straight into attempting the newest latest trick they are wanting to achieve.   It is all great fun, and yes when you are with friends and having a good time, you can forget the small things, the most important things.   It is only a matter of time, until your body reminds you to start looking after it.

Warm up

is critical to be able to continue and improve your training.   A thorough warm-up helps increase the blood flow to the working muscle which results in decreased muscle stiffness, reduced risk of injury and often, improved performance.  It also makes us focus on the job ahead, gives us time to think about what we are about to attempt.  Your Instructor will of course take your through what is recommended for your level but if you train at home or even when you come into a Practice class, you are responsible for warming up your own body.

During Training

listen to your Instructor.   There is a reason behind every movement, every training technique at Physipole and your Instructor is there to help you achieve and grow.   If you aren’t certain ask for help, don’t be shy, ask your Instructor to show you slowly or explain the technique again.   Your Instructor knows what moves are coming up next lesson, and what you do now is designed to help you with future moves as well.

You should never feel excessive pain, stabbing or deep pain.    If you do stop and tell your Instructor immediately.   Yes… I said STOP.   Don’t just try and brush the pain off and think you can work through it.    Worst scenario is having to give up the sport that you love…and none of us want that.


Cool down and stretch after every form of training you do.  It can help to reduce muscle soreness and speed up the recovery process after the activity.  Don’t just grab your bag and run.   If you have to leave early from a class, tell your Instructor in advance so you can start your own cool down a little earlier ahead of the rest of the class.

Prehab and Rehab is essential – be it a weekly massage, or a trip to the Physio, even a session of training in something different to what you normally do.   Do it now to save your body later.

I personally have torn muscles, strained tendons, broken bones, had surgery time off and post-surgery rehab back to pole and normal training.   Failure creates wisdom.     So take the time.  Every time you touch a pole or hoop or silks.   Pause- think-plan-warm up- train to your level or capability-cool down.  Above all please, please LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and treat it with the respect that it deserves.   It is your temple.

Written by Vicki McArthur