🗣 Tuesday Tips with Gem

Name: Gem

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Ballarat

Time Instructing:3 months

Expertise: Pole, Flexibility, Navigating the pole world as a non dancer

Favourite Trick: Rockstar Spin

Tip: Spend time working on your feet! Having beautiful pointed feet really makes all the difference to how extended and graceful your tricks look. The exercise I have included is one I’ve been recommended many times, it’s easy to do and can be done pretty much anywhere. •start by sitting on your bum with legs out in front of you •flex your feet back towards you as far as you can, hold it there for a few seconds •then point the feet, but keep the toes flexed back until you reach a “barbie doll” position with your feet, hold it there for a few seconds •keeping the feet pointed, follow with the toes into a full pointed position, hold this for a few seconds •make sure your feet stay in line with your legs, that they dont turn inwards or outwards •reverse! Go back to the barbie position, hold it, then back to flexed feet and repeat this!

Gem, an instructor from Ballarat gives up some tips on how to improve your pointed toes.