With what is going on in the world we are all training at home with gyms being closed and if you are limited in equipment this is a perfect read for you. Get just as good of a workout at the gym with minimal equipment

Yoga Mat

For every workout a yoga mat is essential if you will end up laying or kneeling on the floor, they help soften the floor to protect your back and knees, PhysiPole has their own Yoga Mat available for only $40 made out of eco friendly materials.

Alternatives: If you can’t get your hands on a Yoga Mat you can use a blanket, towel or camping foam mats that will do the same trick

Yoga Block

Yoga Blocks are a great tool to use for stretching for extra support, PhysiPole Studios have their own Yoga Blocks if your local studio has any left! Otherwise you can source these from K-mart or sporting shop.

Alternatives: Thick books, cooking pots.

Resistant Bands

There are a few types of resistant bands you can purchase some are a tube and come with handles, others are just a flat stretchy rubber, all kinds are great to use for a number of purposes. You can use them in a door frame like a fly machine for a good upper body workout. Resistant bands can be found at K-mart, Clark Rubber or sporting store..

Foam Roller

To help you stretch out and improve muscle recovery a foam roller is a must for home training, There are different types of foam rollers depending on what you want to use it for smoother ones are the most versatile with the lumpy ones better for trigger point self-massage treatment. You can source these from K-mart or sporting shop.
Alternatives: Drink bottle with a towel wrapped around it


Weights are a great way to increase the difficulty of your workout and improve strength faster you could have kettle bells, dumb bells, weight plates, medicine ball just to name some.
Alternatives: Bulk food items, any weighty item you can pick up

Gym Ball

A gym ball or exercise ball is a fun way to complete several exercises that can target abs, legs or full body! These are available for purchase from several stores.


We all have these at home already and can use them for several exercises including tricep dips, raised leg raises, split squats, standing push ups just to name a few


Get a leg burn using steps you have at home you can complete step ups, jump squats, calf raises etc.

Let us know your favourite at home exercises to complete using items you would not have thought to use, it is simpler than you think to get a great workout at home without having any gym equipment.

Listen to an episode with instructors Emma and Dean from the Traralgon studio talk about training at home in our podcast, click picture to listen to the episode.

If you have been following along with our scavenger hunt we the first letter for this fortnight’s word!
The letter is F (25 Aug – 6 Sep)

All the tools you can use to get a great workout at home!