Everyone needs a break now and then. Everyone loves a holiday! But no one likes coming back to training feeling weak, drained or restless. There’s plenty of little things that we can do, whilst on holiday and when we’re back, to be able to combat these feelings.

1. Hydrate! I am a strong believer that any problem can be solved with good hydration –even world peace. Whilst happy hour on holidays is a godsend, its important to make sure that you’re not forgetting water in between cocktails, flights and training sessions when you’re home. It can be hard to remember when your bottle isn’t sitting in front of you, but water helps to keep your body well-oiled and running smoothly, so stock up on your 8 recommended glasses per day.

2. Stretch! Whether you’re off on a walking tour of the UK for 6 weeks, or spending a week by the pool in Bali, we have to keep our muscles happy and cramp free. A light morning stretch can go a long way in helping prepare you for the upcoming day of sightseeing, and prevent stiffness in those sunbaking rollovers. Think nice long lunges, warm shoulder stretches and gentle forward folds. Keep it simple but consistent, and your hamstrings will thank you!

3. See a physio before you go. This is vital for anyone who has pre-existing injuries or sees their physio on a regular basis. Make sure you are cleared for an active holiday, and load up on a good exercise regime, not only to avoid injury, but potentially come back from your time away stronger than when you left.

4. Get active. If you are planning a relaxing pool-side vacay, consider pencilling in some sightseeing time. This could be a guided bike tour, a sunrise hike, or snorkelling on the reef. Check with your hotel concierge for a local yoga/pilates/spin class, or go check out a fellow pole studio! Commit to doing at least one activity that will get your blood moving –and see the local beauty while you’re at it.

5. Take advantage of the hotel’s facilities. Do some light weights in the gym, or try out a cardio session. Hop into the pool and swim some laps. Again, just try anything to keep your body moving and your blood pumping.

6. Finally, ease back into your routine. If you’ve just had a term away from the studio, please don’t be disheartened if you struggle for a perfect aerial handspring, or if your straddles are clunky and feel awkward. Even if you have taken all of the above steps, even if you’ve had training time in another studio, chances are your body is all roughed up from the change in routine. Change is good! Allow your body the time it needs to recover, and to remember how to use those obliques.

Taking a break can be hard sometimes, but coming back to your regular scheduled routine doesn’t have to be! Take time in your holiday to remember your body, how it feels, and do what makes it happy! Once more for good measure: hydrate, hydrate hydrate!

Elle Neyenhuis

It is great to get away but how do we keep ourselves fit while on holidays.