🗣 Tuesday Tips with Emma

Name: Emma

Instructs at: PhysiPole Studios Traralgon

Time Instructing:3 years

Expertise:Pole, Late Night Sexy, Booty

Favourite Trick: Broken Doll, Jade Split, Shoulder Mounts

Tip: Everyone loves to shake their tail feather but it is essential to warm up and strengthen your lower back, glutes and quads up to protect the area before twerking that booty as moving ones butt up and down at a fast pace can be a lot on the lower back and it’ll also build that Booty that is worthy for Instagram. Start off with some simple shoulder rolls and arm circles for the top half of your body and move your way down to the lower half of your body with 8 to 10 Body Rolls. After them, move to doing 12 to 16 squats to start firing up those glutes. Once you’ve completed them, work in some hip rolls and you should be all good to go with the all the twerking your bottom can take 🍑

Struggle to Twerk? Emma has some handy tips that will hopefully get you twerking in no time.