The PhysiPole Valentine’s Day Competition Season is now complete! The sexiest competition of the year provides students with the opportunity to unleash their inner SEXY!

Held throughout February, the 2022 PhysiPole Valentine’s Day Competition saw students competing across Albury, Gladstone, Grovedale, Salisbury, Somerton Park, Sunshine Coast, and Traralgon studios, in pole, aerials, juniors and doubles routines throughout the Aphrodite, Cupid, Lovers, and Vixens divisions!

We are so proud of the routines these incredible competitors created and performed!



Aphrodite Winner: Lucy
Aphrodite 1st Runner Up: Heidi
Cupid Winner: Poochini
Cupid 1st Runner Up: Luxy
Best Costume: Poochini
Showstopper: Lucy


Vixen Winner: Emily
Vixen 1st Runner Up: Chani
Cupid Winner: Miss Kelsey
Cupid 1st Runner Up: EvaEsperanza
Aphrodite Winner: Chanilly
Aphrodite 1st Runner Up: Casey Creative
Lovers Winner: F$K
Lovers 1st Runner Up: Mae Wild
Showgirl: Chanilly
Best Costume: F$K
Meegan Sommerfield Award: Tahlie Howkins


Aphrodite Winner: Tash
Aphrodite 1st Runner Up: Ruth Elizabeth
Aphrodite 2nd Runner Up: Emi
Cupid Winner: Diana
Cupid 1st Runner Up: The Poling Pin Up
Cupid 2nd Runner Up: Emma
Lovers Winner: Splitty Attitude


Vixens Winner: Kallianeira
Aphrodite Winner: Hannah
Cupid Winner: Neish Maree
Lovers Winner: Bobbin
Showgirl Award: Neish Maree

Somerton Park

Sunshine Coast

Vixen Winner: Serenity
Cupid Winner: Abigail
Lovers Winner: Beautiful Disasters
Best Costume: Ruby
Showgirl Award: Songbird