Valentines Day Competition

PhysiPole Studios are excited to bring you the Valentine’s Day Competition.

This is a sexy based, open level competition and any PhysiPole student can enter any location (some locations are open to outside studios also!) Read below all the competition information and we hope to see your entry come across soon!



2023 Valentines Day Comp Details

18th February 2023

All Categories - Open

18th February 2023

Vixens, Aphrodite

12th February 2023

Vixens, Aphrodite

18th February 2023

Vixens, Aphrodite, Cupid, Lovers

4th of February 2023

All Categories

18th February 2023

All Categories - Open

11th February 2023

All Categories - Open

5th February 2023

Aphrodite, Cupid, Lovers, Sweethearts, Cherub - Open



  • Audition video entries must be 1-2 minutes in length and must reflect the style of the competition. Audition videos must be of the entrant only, and not include any other person/s.
  • Entry fees must be paid in full no later than the closing date for entries to be valid.
  • Participants must be 18+ years of age for all divisions except juniors (please contact your studio of entry directly to confirm if they are including a juniors category)
  • Successful applicants will be announced on the studio’s Facebook and Instagram pages
  • This is an open level competition as it is not a trick-based competition

Judging Criteria

10 points Floorwork
Creativity and level of difficulty of floorwork will be judged. Unique transitions and fluidity will account for higher score.

10 points Costumes/Props
Good use of costumes/props that go well with theme/concept of the routine

10 points Dance
The performance is seamless in its transitions between apparatus and dance. Individual movements are well thought out to make sense within the routine. Musicality and staging will also be judged. The performer demonstrates clean lines, strong posture and the deliberate creation of aesthetically pleasing shapes within tricks and overall movement.

10 points Tricks
Strength and control within tricks, flexibility and unique combinations will account for tricks score

10 points Sexy Wow Factor
Performing with confidence and finesse

10 points Audience Engagement
Engaging the audience throughout the entire routine


Please note scoring will be slightly different for Juniors and sweethearts, based more on fun, cheeky, cute routines for that Valentine’s style routine! Please contact your studio to confirm if they are running a junior division before entering.


Do I have to be a PhysiPole Student to enter?
For some studios, yes. Participants need to be a PhysiPole student and have been enrolled in a course within the previous 3 months of entries opening date. Outside PhysiPole students can enter locations that are listed they are open to outside students.

What happens if I have selected the same song as someone else?
If you have selected the same song as another competitor at the same location the first one that submitted their entry will get to keep that song and the other competitor will be contacted to change songs.

Do I have to wear heels?
If you’re competing on pole or in the Vixens Category, yes, heels are required, but for aerials, they are optional.

How long does my routine need to be?
Solos are to be between 2.5 and 3 minutes long, while group routines should be 3 to 4 minutes in length, 4 minutes max!

How many poles/aerials apparatuses can I use?
For solo pole performers, 1 pole will be used, your choice of spin or static. For solo aerials performers, 1 apparatus of your choosing, provided by your studio or BYO. In the lovers category, you will have two apparatuses of your choosing, one for each competitor. Please note, Sunshine Coast and Rockhampton will use 2 poles one spin (left) and one static (right).

How are the juniors and teens divisions different from the adults?
In place of the ‘sexy factor’ score section, the teens (sweethearts) and juniors (cherubs) divisions will focus on the cuteness/love factor instead.

In the Aphrodite category how high on the pole can I go? 

You can go no higher than your extended arm.

The Aphrodite category rule is no more than 2 skills in a row, what does an example combo look like?

An example of a combo that is allowed in the Aphrodite category is; Straddle to Butterfly to Demi Angel.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an entry into the Valentines Day Competition, you fully understand and agree to all terms & conditions.

Tickets will be sold through the hosting studio, keep an eye out on their Facebook Page for ticket release!