If having our own app and an amazing new booking system in Wellness Living wasn’t enough, our new Physi-Rewards program through these is now live! You’ve actually been earning points this whole time!!

Within our new booking system, Wellness Living, we have an in-built rewards program. All students will automatically be rewarded when completing certain actions. You’ll earn points for attending your classes, writing reviews, all your purchases, and of course on your birthday! You could have thousands now already, and here’s how you can earn them!!

On the app you can view locations, book classes, shop on the store, view class bookings, track goals and body measurements, the app will become a daily part of your life in no time. We have put together some steps for you to get started and get to know the app below.

You can utilise your points in the following ways:

  • 50 Points, 1 Free Practice
  • 200 Points, 1 Free Casual Class
  • 400 Points, Free 10 Class Practice Pass
  • 1,800 Points, Free 10 Class Casuals Pass
  • 2,300 Points, Free Course Class
  • 6,000 Points, Dancing Under The Stars Muscle Tee
  • 40,000 Points, Lifetime Member Jacket

We hope you enjoy our new app and booking system and find it easier to manage class bookings and see what we have to offer, let us know how much you love the app or your thoughts via your local studio or headoffice@physipolestudios,com.au